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    EDL News 2012 Calendar now out!

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    • Written by Gary Fiennes-Hastings
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    The English Defence League are requesting photos for their 2012 calendar so EDL News sent them some pictures of neo nazi Wayne Baldwin, kiddy botherer Richard Price, Joanne 'bus wanker' Dickens and some random shots of EDLers doing nazi salutes/flagging down buses.

    We then thought we would do our own calendar which better reflects the organisation. Unlike their calendar which will probably cost around £50 or a gram of charlie, ours is free but if you wish to donate a few quid to the server fund it would be most welcome.

    Download here (PDF Format)

    EDL to Counter Protest 'Rising Against Islamophobia'

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    • Written by Gary Fiennes-Hastings
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    The English Defence League's Newcastle Division are set to counter a protest an event which aims to bring awareness to increasing Islamophobia.

    Ever disallusioned EDL supporters appear to be tying up with the BNP in Newcastle upon Tyne. In a meeting hosted by Nick Griffin at High Lane Social Club in Hebburn last week, more than 50% of the attendees were EDL accoring to Hope not Hate.

    The event on the 29th October is being supported by Unison, Northern Public Services Alliance, Coalition of Resistance, Stop the War Coalition, Show Racism the Red Card, Enough Coalition Against Islamophobia, Black Activists Rising Against Cuts (BARAC), writer and broadcaster Yvonne Ridley, councillor Dipu Ahad and more.

    The EDL's event page stated:

    As we will not be having speakers, or require a designated area to hold our counter protest I can confirm there will be no police liason and nor will there be a need for EDL stewards.

    Muster points will be released at a later date or contact your division for more details.

    This delightful exchange between Darren Lewis and North East regional co-ordinator, Alan Spence was spotted on the EDL's Facebook event wall.


    VIDEO: Shameful footage after the 9/11 Memorial

    • Category: EDL News
    • Written by Gary Fiennes-Hastings
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    English Defence League's Jody Andrew aka 'England London'Footage has emerged of the shameful behaviour of extremist organisations, the English Defence League and Muslims Against Crusades on Oxford Street, after they had sucessfully disrupted the 9/11 memorial event.

    A drunk woman, believed to be hard core racist Bexley Division member Jody Hughes (posting on Facebook as London England) films the events and lets out a stream of racist obscenities to round off a day when the English Defence League brought shame to London. Disgusted looking shoppers look on as the two sets of extremists brawl in the streets.

    Hughes is heard bawling 'scum, scum. Muslim fucking scum' and 'go and wash yourself with some alcohol' before she staggers off after the MAC group and gets contained by the police.

    She screams at police about her freedom of speech whilst all the time screaming abuse and stalking another group of extremists exercising their right to freedom of speech.

    She is then heard on her mobile phone instructing felllow EDL members to get to the street she is on because they have the MAC group 'cornered'.

    This is one more reason why we do not need a bunch of far right drunks defending us from 50 or so Muslim extremists.

    A full report on the EDL and MAC ruining the memorial day for the victims' relatives can be found here.

    Hughes deleted her video on YouTube video but EDL News has uploaded it to LiveLeaks



    EDL's Royal British Legion Lies

    • Category: EDL News
    • Written by Gary Fiennes-Hastings
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    By David Court

    Those of you who persist in performing that evil activity of social networking on Facebook (solely reserved for people organising riots, dontchaknow) may have seen the following status update being bandied about today. (On the subject of which, isn't it unfortunate that the word 'bandied' itself isn't bandied around every often? Just saying).

    Anyway, the status update;

    I've just heard some really shocking news. The Royal British Legion are not selling poppies in certain areas on Nov 11 this year. This is because some minorities say that it will upset them. I say sod off ... The poppy is a symbol of reverence for our fallen heroes of all the wars the BRITISH military have fought in. BRITAIN STAND UP AND SAY 'WE WANT THE POPPY SOLD EVERY WERE IN THE UK'. THIS IS OUR RIGHT TO REVERE OUR FALLEN.. PASS IT ON.
    Now it obviously goes without saying that any Facebook status that starts with the phrase "I've just heard some really shocking news" is instantly followed by a statement that is 100% bullshit. The same also goes for the phrase "Local Councils aren't allowing.. etc, etc."
    There is a very slight element of truth in the status, but the reason given is utter tripe. Remember when you weren't allowed to wear England Tops during the World Cup? Oh no, you won't remember that because it never fucking happened.
    The Royal Legion will not be selling poppies in certain areas on November 11 this year. Actually, that goes without saying. Mars will remain devoid of poppy sellers, as will the majority of planets in the Western Spiral Arm of the galaxy. And Gas Giants are well out - the charity boxes tend to ignite in the atmosphere. That's why you don't find any Oxfam collectors out there.
    Reality check - IT IS NOTHING TO DO WITH MINORITIES SAYING THAT IT WILL UPSET THEM. Charities have to apply to the local councils for permission to collect, and the Royal British Legion simply didn't do it in time. A decision that has - get this, fact fans, subsequently been reversed.
    However, the following status wouldn't mean that we could blame the minorities for everything again.
    I've just heard some really shocking news. The Royal British Legion are not selling poppies in certain areas on Nov 11 this year. This is because somebody in charge of making the applications was either too lazy or forgot about a deadline. The poppy is a symbol of reverence for our fallen heroes of all the wars the BRITISH military have fought in. You know, that war to ensure that minorities weren't being oppressed by groups who sought to subjugate them. Much as what happens when ignorant Facebook statuses blame minorities for all the worlds ills. BRITAIN STAND UP AND SAY "WE WANT THE POPPY SOLD EVERY WERE (sic) IN THE UK. Oh, it will be. Sorry. As you were.

    Research, kids. It's the key to stop you looking like a racist. But keep spouting that shit, because it gives me something to get angry and blog about.

    RBL Twitter Update clarifying the situation

    Oh, and that "Winterval" you all got upset about? Never happened.

    "Better to be silent and be thought a fool, than speak out and remove all doubt."
    Abraham Lincoln

    REVIEW: Tommy's September Video Diary

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    • Written by Gary Fiennes-Hastings
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    After a week of anticipation Tommy has released a video diary detaining as promised (sort of) the truth behind what has been going on over the last few weeks.

    One glaringly obvious omission was any mention of his hunger strike, which suggests to us that whilst EDL members were on hunger strike in sympathy and collecting for their poor starving leader's legal funds, Tommy was tucking into some delicious halal prison grubs, so much so he headed straight to a halal Nandos upon his release.

    Tommy also appears to have been getting it in the neck from a certain section of the English Defence League about the funds that were collected.

    Tommy tells us that they can request a refund if they really really want to but he wanted to hang on to the money to help out Mr B Holmes who is currently languishing in prison, on remand for allededly attacking some Asians at a North West Infidel flash demo in Brierfield, Lancashire.

    Mr B aka Bernard Holmes is already known to us as he has previously been banged up for launching a sickening attack on a man outside a bar in Blackburn, leaving him with brain damage. Here is the free Bernard Facebook page if you can be bothered to have a look.

    Newspaper report

    Holmes, who is famed for dressing up as a chicken and harrasing people at the local KFC, claimed he gave up the EDL for the sake of his family but it did not last long, with a child due in November he is in prison and Tommy has stated he will come to the rescue.

    Tommy has asked those who donated if they can use the legal fund to get bail woth £5,000 for Holmes. They  raised a rather impressive £3,000 and Tommy is asking for another £2,000 to get this violent thug let back out on the streets.

    Tommy's last video diary was to unsucessfully dispel myths that he had embezeled the legal fund set up for John 'Snowy' Shaw after he was nicked for staging a two man roof top demo on a proposed mosque site with Leon McCreery.

    Next up we have some paper 'evidence' that poor Tommy is skint. He produced a County Court Judgement against his wife, a mortgage statement which is suppose to show he is four months in arrears and a nasty letter from the tax man.

    Tommy goes on to thank the screws in the prison for keeping him on the nonce wing and keeping him safe away for the islamic infidels which he claims run the prison. "I had pictures of Winston Churchill on my cell wall, and a picture of the Queen wearing an EDL hat' he claims.

    A  fresh new Jewish Division was next on the agenda when he announces that Jame Cohen will be in charge. He seems to have finally shat on batty Berta Moore and Rapey Robert Bartholomeus from a grand height. We eagerly await a statement from the old Jewish Division on matters.

    A trip to America is in the pipeline for an important meeting, no doubt to procure funds from the Tea Party or other dubious source. He has perhaps forgotten he was shown the door before he even entered the country last time he tried.

    Tommy lasted a whole 11 minutes before tearing into muslims and has stated that they will return to Tower Hamlets and have a protest right outside the East London mosque. Good luck with that EDL, only one coach actually made it to Tower Hamlets last time and the entire coach load got chased out and they all ended up arrested.

    He finishes with a whinathon about how badly they were treated on the 9/11 memorial day where his boys and fellow extremists were brawling in the streets and ruined the day for everyone.

    Anyway, here is the Video.  Enjoy or something.


    Performance 6/10 - Camera Work 6/10  - Video Editing 2/10 - Overall 4.5/10

    Summary: Overall a very defensive and touchy performance.  No mention of the hunger strike which we were all waiting to hear about and lots of complaints about victimisation. Shoddy camera work and poor video editing. If this film was Carlsberg, it would still taste like shit.


    EDL leader agrees with Breivik's opinions, threatens Britain's entire Muslim population

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    • Written by Gary Fiennes-Hastings
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    The English Defence League’s leader Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (aka “Tommy Robinson”) recently gave an interview to the Norwegian media and made the following dubious statements about the mass murdering Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik:

    “We share some of his opinions, and his fear, but not what he did in Norway 22 July. I do not think he is insane. I think that his approach was insane…Breivik dared to come forward with his opinions, and was tough, in some regards. People need to understand that Breivik is not alone in these feelings.”

    Yaxley-Lennon previously appeared to make a threat at the end of his interviews with the BBC’s Newsnight and CNN shortly after the massacre in Norway, which was immediately noticed by Newsnight host Jeremy Paxman and CNN anchor Becky Anderson. Curiously, Yaxley-Lennon is also on record as making exactly the same claim about Far-Right anti-Muslim terrorism occurring in the United Kingdom “within the next 5 years” several months before Breivik’s attacks in Norway. More recently, British counter-terrorism officers have confirmed that they are now investigating and monitoring the EDL in the same way that they investigate potential Islamist terrorists, and that this is a direct consequence of Breivik’s murderous actions.

    Furthermore, Paul Ray aka “Lionheart”, one of the EDL’s original founders who is being investigated by the Norwegian police for his links to Breivik, has now stated that Breivik is indeed part of a wider Far-Right movement, including possible cells in the UK.

    The Norwegian police are expanding their investigations in conjunction with Scotland Yard to possibly include the questioning of a number of British citizens. Multiple photographs of various EDL supporters brandishing guns have also recently surfaced, and some examples can be seen via Hope Not Hate here.


    Yaxley-Lennon makes threat against Britain's entire Muslim population

    Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, recently convicted of leading a violent brawl involving 100 football hooligans as he chanted “EDL till I die”, deliberately broke the terms of his bail conditions and attended the EDL’s demonstration in London on 3 September 2011 (comprehensive details of the day’s events can be read here and here). In order to evade the police, Yaxley-Lennon came disguised as a Jewish rabbi; a photo of him is displayed at the top of this article. He subsequently removed his disguise and gave a speech to the gathered EDL supporters.

    The most incriminating part of Yaxley-Lennon’s speech can be heard via Youtube here. Not only does he appear to be conveniently ignoring (or bizarrely unaware of) the fact that the British citizens murdered by terrorists on 7/7 included a number of Muslims (in fact, Yaxley-Lennon’s speech indicates that he does not even regard British Muslims as British citizens at all), but in an explicit accusation of collective guilt and consequently a warning of retaliation against his targets en masse, Yaxley-Lennon also openly threatened Britain’s entire Muslim population:

    “EVERY SINGLE MUSLIM watching this on Youtube, on 7/7 you got away with killing and maiming British citizens, you got away with it. You had better understand that we have built a network from one end of this country to the other end, and we will not tolerate it, and the Islamic community will feel the full force of the English Defence League if we see any of our citizens killed, maimed or hurt on British soil ever again.”

    As if Yaxley-Lennon’s accusations and sinister threats weren’t already disturbing enough, bear in mind that the terms “every single Muslim” and “Islamic community” by definition include Tariq Jahan and his family. Yaxley-Lennon himself is perfectly aware of this, because he publicly made statements in August 2011 expressing alleged sympathy for them following the wave of admiration and support for Mr Jahan across Britain at the time. Considering Yaxley-Lennon’s subsequent statements in his most recent speech to the EDL, his remarks about the Jahan family last month now seem even more dishonest, hypocritical and opportunistic than they already did.

    After Yaxley-Lennon removed his disguise, EDL supporters could be seen openly giving Nazi salutes, and you can see a photo via Hope Not Hate here.


    Yaxley-Lennon jailed for deliberately breaking his bail conditions

    Yaxley-Lennon taunted the police about the fact that he was deliberately breaking his bail conditions, and stated “I'm meant to sign on at a police station on a Saturday, I'm not doing that. I'm not allowed to go to a demonstration, I'm not doing that. That's what's going to happen and when I go to court if they let me out of court with any bail conditions that restrict my democratic right to oppose militant Islam, I will break them the minute I walk out.”

    It is worth noting the following fact: During both of Yaxley-Lennon’s interviews on Newsnight earlier this year (see here and here) along with his interview on CNN (see here), he made it explicitly clear that he is vehemently hostile towards Islam as a whole and regards the religion as inherently militant. Therefore, when Yaxley-Lennon publicly uses the term “militant Islam”, he is actually referring to Islam full-stop, not just genuinely extremist interpretations of the faith. Yaxley-Lennon was later arrested by the police and has been in prison for the past week.

    According to his PA, Hel Gower (on record as supporting the BNP and the neo-Nazi “British First Party”), Yaxley-Lennon has gone on hunger strike. Apparently he is doing this to protest against his incarceration as a so-called “political prisoner of the state” and the infringement of his alleged “democratic right” to engage in what is basically the religious persecution of the entire British Muslim population, despite the fact that he was actually jailed for deliberately breaking his bail conditions. Adding to Yaxley-Lennon’s woes, the BNP’s Nick Griffin has now publicly spoken out in defence of him, claiming that Yaxley-Lennon is a “political prisoner” and forcefully objecting to his incarceration; the fact that Yaxley-Lennon has the ghastly Griffin’s support is, ironically, a particularly damning indictment of him.

    Updated on Friday 16 September 2011: Yaxley-Lennon was released from prison earlier this week. According to Luton Today, Yaxley-Lennon’s much-vaunted “hunger strike” actually lasted only 24 hours and then he gave up.

    Furthermore, Yaxley-Lennon went on his “hunger strike” both as a political protest against his incarceration and also due to his alleged objections to the halal meat served in that particular prison. However, the same article mentions that Yaxley-Lennon has claimed that he assuaged his alleged “hunger” immediately upon his release by eating a meal at the local Nandos restaurant in Luton; according to Nandos, all the meat served at that particular restaurant is halal, and they do not even allow non-halal meat on the premises.

    As mentioned in the Luton Today article, Yaxley-Lennon has also stated that he is going to keep on breaking his bail conditions, and he is still complaining about the restriction of his alleged “human rights and civil liberties” to engage in what is actually religious persecution.

    Originaly publish by Pickled Politics

    EDL's Gun Denial Story Fail

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    • Written by Gary Fiennes-Hastings
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    After Hope not Hate and the Daily Mail recently published stories of far right English Defence League members brandishing firearms, the organisation has been franticaly trying to come up with a cock and bull story to try and exonerate themselves from the claims, a plausible story that their following will unquestionably believe.

    This was the result:

    Click here

    As much as we do not like to pick EDL stories apart simply for the hell of it, but they are taking their membership for the fools they are with this one.

    The EDL have published screenshots of American trolling group, 4Chan's members postings with guns in and effort to wind the English Defence League up.  They offered tips on how to keep it looking English by covering up and electrical sockets etc.

    Where the EDL's story falls completely apart is:

    1. The date of these screenshots were two weeks after the Daily Mail and Hope not Hate published the pictures.
    2. All the pictures that Hope not Hate and the Daily Mail published were of identifiable EDL members with their names and divisions. Not an American in sight, all their own identifiable home grown extremists.

    One would think that after EDL supporter Anders Behring Breivik went on his murderous rampage, the EDL would want to rid their ranks of extremists like these but once again they have decided to brush it under the carpet and issue a story that has more holes in it than a swiss cheese.

    From the screenshots the EDL issued, there is no doubt that 4Chan have the EDL in their sights but if the EDL have now decided to take 4Chan on, it can only end up badly for them.

    Here we have  a screenshot of hardcore EDL racist Joanne Dickens cajouling her young son into posing with guns


    And we will leave you with Hope not Hate's photo gallery with EDL members and their divisions clearly identified



    Joanne Dickens/Mick NSFE Thomas - Further Violence Threatened

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    • Written by Gary Fiennes-Hastings
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    Last week we brought you  the story of the English Defence League Nottinghamshire Division's  Joanne Dickens' predicament when her bus broke down outside a mosque in Tower Hamlets, she fell out of the emergency door and was alledgedly assaulted. It is still not known if she was assaulted or not or whether she opened the door to shout racist abuse at the locals and fell out. Dickens has a long history of racism on Facebook. We have recently published one of her racist tirades on this page

    Two men filmed the incident and were shown to be laughing at her and have since been threatened with violence and retribution by English Defence League members by phone, email and social networks. Since the incident the men have been told that they will be harrassed at work and have had their pictures and details put on white power/nazi website 'Redwatch' as we detailed here

    The man in question has written a letter of apology to Dickens and has published the letter on the Max Farquar blog and as you will see, English Defence League members do not like people laughing at them and are a pretty unforgiving lot.

    Despite the letter of apology, the man in question has offered to help the police in trying to track down the alledged attacker and also offered to appear as a witness in court. Something Dickens seems quite happy with until you see that the EDL plan to track him down and inflict violence on him regardless.

    EDL News have been handed the following screenshots detailing what exactly the EDL have planned for him whether he helps out or not.

    Mick Nfse Thomas posted this plea from Dickens this morning:

    Twitpics link to Screenshot


    Mick Nfse Thomas
    I,m Askin Again 2 All EDL Members etc, Can The Threats 2 Anthony Richardson, Ben Melchiors & Ben Tonge Stop, This Is Makin My Case Diifficult. There Threats Take Higher Priority 2 My own, I No How U r All Feelin & My Feelings R The Same, The Video They Did Was Wrong, I Have A Writen Letter Of Apology & Anthony Richardson Is Now Helpin Police With There Investigation. I No This Is Difficult 2 4get, It Definately Is 4 Me.. But If We Want Justice. This Needs 2 Stop..PLEASE!!!..............
    Like ·  · 3 hours ago near Leicester, United Kingdom ·

    Mick Nfse Thomas reposted for joanne dickens
    3 hours ago · Like ·  3 people

    Joanne Dickens thanks mick.. because that twat is now tryin 2 help police with there investigations, it,s witness intimadation, if anything happens 2 them, i could get arrested, even though i,m the victim here. joke i no...
    3 hours ago · Like

    Charlotte Barr ya get sent down for witness intimidation jo lol........see ya soon kidda lmao xx
    3 hours ago · Like ·  1 person

    Mick Nfse Thomas wait till its all over then and smash there heads in lol
    3 hours ago · Like ·  1 person

    Joanne Dickens police come from london again 2day, with a letter of apology from him, don,t make up 4 the video he did laughin at me bein beatin, but he,s the only witness at the moment.. what did he expect.. u play with fire u may get burnt... it,s not me makin threats, it,s the other 100,s of EDL who r sickened by 1 of there Angels bein punched & kicked 2 fuck, what did they expect after postin it all ova FB??
    3 hours ago · Like

    Mick Nfse Thomas like i said there day will come if not now later x
    3 hours ago · Like ·  1 person

    Joanne Dickens I no Mick, always comes 2 those who wait babe xx
    3 hours ago · Like

    Chris Lattlay Fottfoy Payne fuck him...dont accept it jo...send it back to the cunt...dont let the police make you back down to this arsehole...the reason he is getting shit is because he is bang out of order and he should realise this...the police are fucking useless so let the public lynch him..
    3 hours ago · Like ·  1 person

    Trevor Wright Totaly agree chris we had same thing in Telford but wen we got off mini bus to protect ourselves we got nicked and them scum were having it on their toes
    3 hours ago · Like

    Chris Lattlay Fottfoy Payne in all honesty he's a little prick and obviously a shit witness anyway..if he was any use arrests would have been made by now..he has only sent you an appollogy to get himself out the shit, save the old bill from doing any real work and to make it look like an effort is being made..you know for a fact he's still laughing behind your back...why do they need this little prick as a witness when that road is clearly camera'd up to fuck...if there is no footage then everyone with access to the cameras should be up for perverting the cause of justice!!!
    3 hours ago · Like

    Joanne Dickens I no exactly what ur sayin chris, i agree with u 100%. makes me fuckin sick, told the police that letter meant nothin, i can,t stand even seein his face...
    3 hours ago · Like

    Mick Nfse Thomas end ov the day jo he will get beats FUCK EM you have come threw it he hasent... i told him im coming to get ya....anuff peeps wanna kill hes the one whos gunna be looking over his shoulder all the time and one time he will and then bang bang thankyou mam xxx
    3 hours ago · Like ·  2 people

    Joanne Dickens Luv ya mick xx Mwah xx
    3 hours ago · Like ·  1 person


    This is the Leicester Division EDL's Mick Thomas, as you will note, Thomas stated his intention of what he was gong to do before Tower Hamlets. He stated that he was going to attend to 'smash Muslim scum in'. A quick look  at his Facebook wall reveals it is littered with of violence threats against Muslims and racism. tomas regulary drinks in a town centre Wetherspoons called the High Cross in Leicester.



    Not wanting to be left out, EDL violent racist Mike Rafferty and leader of the CxF Division is also putting their addreses out. Kevin Smith was charged for putting a pigs head on Dudley Mosque last year.

    EDL News has published this because we do not believe that for the crime of laughing at Dickens, these men should be threatened with violence. We are also publishing this as further proof that the EDL is a violent far right organisation who have close links with Redwatch. 

    As this is witness intimidation the information will be made availiable to the Metropolitan Police.

    The Hunger Strike that Never Was

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    • Written by Gary Fiennes-Hastings
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    With the far right English Defence League leader Stephen Yaxley-Lennon's release from prison, local newspaper Luton Today have blown the lid on the charade that was Lennon's hungerstrike and the hoodwinking of 'patriots' into parting with their cash.

    Lennon was arrested last Sunday after breaking his bail conditions for attending the Tower Hamlets demonstration which turned into a static demonstration in the City of London. Lennon arrive dressed as a rabbi in order to evade police attention on the way in, causing offence to the Jewish population.

    Lennon called his hunger strike after claiming that he was a 'political prisoner' and  all prison food in HMP Bedford is Halal and he would only be taking water.

    For days, the EDL's main Facebook page has been littered with admin messages describing his hunger strike  as  'Tommy's Heroic Stand' and members have been parting with their cash for his legal fund, when in reality Lennon's hunger strike lasted little over 24 hours and he headed straight for a halal chicken meal at nandos upon his release.

    This was the same leader who endorsed their members camping out during winter for days on end to protest about a halal KFC which turned ou tnot to be halal at all. Do their membership feel cheated and betrayed? They should do considering the sacrifices they make to 'Sir' Tommy and the cause.


    'Patriots' have been turning up at the prison to demonstrate against the fact that he has been locked up for breaking British law and some even claimed they went on hunger strike with him in solidarity. Those people cannot be happy with the news that has come out.

    Luton Today's source said : “There was a big concern because he is so high profile, so they kept him away from the other prisoners. He was classed as a vulnerable inmate.

    “It is a diverse prison and they were worried what might happen. There are also a lot of people from Luton in there as it’s the nearest prison and there were concerns there might be a riot.”

    His hunger strike only lasted 24 hours and then he gave up.”

    Lennon was remanded on the 5th September and  this statement was a posted by the EDL's admin on the 9th September encouraging people to turn up at teh prison to supoprt his hunger strike.

    Many comments followed describing him a a hero for not taking food and commending him for taking a stance. There was also offers of donations to his legal fund and many 'patriots' planning to travel to Luton  to hold a vigil outside.

    Earlier this year there was controversy when a legal fund set up for the court case of Snowy Shaw went missing. Lennon made a long and convoluted video that was suppose to explain it away. It didn't. This was one of the reasons the North West Infidels broke away from the EDL.

    So it turns out, Lennon's convictions are not as strong as his supporters are lead to believe. His stance on halal is a shambles and Luton Today's comments section is strangely quiet when on any other negative EDL article published, there is usually a CAPS LOCKED avalanche of comments supporting the EDL from loyal 'patriots' the length and breadth of the country.

    One thing the EDL leadership are getting good at is pulling the wool over the eyes of their supporters. Whether it is overpriced EDL merchandise made by companies in Muslim countries or dodgy legal funds, some people in the organisation are getting rich of the propaganda they spout to their own members. We wonder if they have taken it a step too far this time.

    Carol Ann asked when she was going to be getting her money back now he has been released.  The EDL seem to be rather evasive about answering her reasonable question

    Meanwhile on the EDL's main wall, the admin are being particularly mute about the whole affair and have decided it is time to predictably stir up the annual 'muslims have banned Christmas' rubbish which the loyal file and rank are lapping up in abundance.

    Lennon Released: 24 Hour Hunger Strike

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    • Written by Gary Fiennes-Hastings
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    altThe leader of the English Defence League, Stephen Yaxley Lennon has been released from prison on bail awaiting his forthcoming crown court trials.

    Details have emerged of his spell in HMP Bedford. Becuase of his devisive character he was kept in solitary confinement in the basement of the prison and was not allowed contact with other prisoners.

    Despite days of Facebook posts by EDL admin claiming he was refusing food and was on hunger strike, it turns out he lasted little more than 24 hours before getting hungry and giving up.

    A Luton Today source said : “There was a big concern because he is so high profile, so they kept him away from the other prisoners. He was classed as a vulnerable inmate.

    “It is a diverse prison and they were worried what might happen. There are also a lot of people from Luton in there as it’s the nearest prison and there were concerns there might be a riot.”

    In a strange turn on events, upon his release Tommy headed stright to Nandos which is fair enough after you have spent a week minus twenty four hours eating prison grub. Nandos serves exclusively Halal chicken.

    Lennon is facing charges of assaulting a man at an EDL protest in Blackburn in April. He has also claimed that he he intends  to continue breaking his bail conditions.

    Retraction: EDL and Stabbings

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    We published an article yesterday casting doubt on the claims that two EDL members were stabbed outside the Tyburn Pub in Marble Arch, London.

    This followed their disgraceful and disrespectful behaviour when they met up with Muslims Against Crusades and started shouting and brawling in the street during and after the 9/11 memorial for the British victims of the terrorist attacks.

    Despite extensive enquiries to the Met Police and local hospitals no one could verify it so we assumed that it was a story along the lines of the coach insurance fraud and the faked attack on leader Kevin Carroll.

    The Met Police have now confirmed the incident here:

    We now accept these stabbings did happen and anyone with any information should contact Westminster Serious Violence Team on 0207 321 9314, or Crimestoppers anonymously.

    We do however stand by the original report published here

    EDL Violence Marrs 9/11 Memorial

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    • Written by Gary Fiennes-Hastings
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    EDL The far right English Defence League's long running problems in London continued today after they turned up in football shirts and swilling beer at a 9/11 memorial ceremony outside the American embassy intent on a drink fuelled fight with fellow extremists, Muslims against Crusades (MAC).

    Whilst families of British 9/11 victims prepared for a remembrance ceremony in the September 11 memorial garden, around 50 EDL members turned up early, sang their 'Eleven Muslim bombers, flying in the air' taunts and occupied the area where MAC were suppose to demonstrate. 

    During the ceremony, chants of 'E-E-EDL' disrupted proceedings and among the mourners, they were met with as equal distaste as MAC.

    A smaller group of Muslims turned up to protest against both groups of extremists and carried banners reading "Muslims Against Extremism" and "If You Want Sharia, Move To Saudi".

    The EDL members had a sit down protest and surrendered when police issued them with a Section 14 and threatened them with arrest. Four EDL members were arrested for a variety of public order offences at the memorial service.

    MAC are a small fringe group of radical muslims. They are largely ignored by the Muslim community and the British public in general but they specialise in goading English Defence League members with their rhetoric. Without the English Defence League, MAC would not exist, and both extremist groups feed from each other's extremism.

    After the demonstration English Defence League members headed to the West End where a further 20 members were arrested for brawling with MAC members.

    The group ended up brawling outside the Tyburn Pub in Marble Arch where chairs and windows were smashed and two EDL members, Mickey Bayliss and and Tony Hyam aka Tony Bexley were stabbed by local youths after an altercation.

    Bayley is a admin  for the EDL's south west divison and Hyam is a Enoch Powell supporting racist who was involved in an incident where EDL members attacked the police in Eltham during the London riots.

    The London Evening Standard reported that  an eyewitness claimed "There was a group of EDL guys drinking outside the pub when a large group of Muslims walked past. The EDL started hurling racist abuse at the Muslims who took offence. They got angry and... were yelling back."

    "Then the EDL guys picked up pub furniture and started throwing glasses and chairs and tables at the group in the street*

    The EDL's Facebook wall reported the stabbings at around 7pm which resulted in a barrage of racists posts and threats of violent retribution. It is not known who were behind the stabbings or their religion at this point.

    A further update on the member's condition later appeared where it was claimed that one of the injured members was 5mm from a knife hitting his spinal column yet their story's credibility dissolved when they went on to claim the hospital had discharged him and he was on train on his way home.

    Latest news on the injured lads , one is now waiting for train. Has wound near his spine. 5mm either way and he would be in trouble. Also has a broken wrist. Police taken his clothes and he's got the white suit. So he's ok. The other lad is a bit more serious with a stay in overnight with possible operation. Thats as much as I know now. Goodnight everyone"

    In another gusture of massive self importance the EDL released a statement on behalf of the British people to the American people. We are currently unaware who gave the far right extremist organistaion the authority to speak on behalf of decent British people.

    An Apology to our American friends on behalf of The British Government & Met Police Hierarchy.
    We are so sorry for todays events and would like to say sorry on behalf of the British Public. Our efforts to try and stop MAC today, has resulted in two good lads being stabbed, running battles on Oxford Street, Hyde Park - Speakers Corner, Edgeware Rd and all around your Embassy. It is our everlasting shame that our Government is too weak to make a stand against Radical Islam.

    EDL members are now calling for a demonstration outside the BBC because the broadcaster didn't deem the alledged stabbing of a pair of their thugs who disrupted the memorial service more newsworthy than the live coverage of the memorial events around the world.

    The EDL released the following incoherant version of events where they had to emphasize several times they were not drunk.

    This latest outbreaks of violence come a week after 42 members of the EDL were arrested after their coach strayed into Tower Hamlets and they were chased out by locals before being rounded up by police.

    EDL News Opinion

    Whilst the rest of the world was remembering the victims of the tragic events in America ten years ago, two groups of extremists were intent on disrupting it. Whilst MAC have every right to say what they say under our freedom of speech laws, their message was abhorant. What was equally as abhorant was the English Defence League members turing up intent on violence (their Facebook page was full of violent intent days in the days leading up to the event).

    With over 20 arrests and running street battles, the EDL lost any moral high grounf they could he claimed by staying their distance.  Both groups have stated that they plan to repeat this act of disrespect on Armistice Day in November. We would rather they both dissapeared from this country permanantly.

    These views are echoed by the lone voice of reason the the EDL Wall today

    Bill English -  My wife lost relatives in NY 10 years ago, her & my take on yesterday was that the EDL should have just stayed away altogether and let the media just have choudry's mongs to focus on. As we were part of the memorial in the square yesterday, I can tell you all that the chants of EDL were met with as much resentment by those grieving lost friends & relatives, as the drone created by those beardy cunts. Those at the top of edl need to stop thinking with the heart & start thinking with the head.


    The EDL and Redwatch

    • Category: EDL News
    • Written by Gary Fiennes-Hastings
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    Regan Hamilton - The English Defence League's Redwatch PhotographerIt has long been suspected that the English Defence League have been in bed with white supremacists Redwatch.

    Redwatch is an organisation set up by the far right British People's party in an attempt to track down the home addresses and work places of people who protest against them both on the street and the political stage. They also have a website where they publish covert photos of their intended victims and their members are encouraged to harass them and inflict violence on them.

    The website's slogan is "Remember places, traitors' faces, they'll all pay for their crimes", a quote from neo-Nazi musician Ian Stuart Donaldson.

    It typically targets activists in political parties, advocacy groups, trade unions and the media and are mainly composed of Combat 18, National Front , the BNP and fringe neo Nazi groups such as Blood and Honour.

    According to Searchlight, a Leeds teacher who complained about a far right activist, Antony White, leafleting his school, had his details listed on Redwatch, allegedly after the jailing of White. Far right supporters then firebombed the teacher's car. According to Indymedia, an anti-racist was followed and attacked on May 16, 2006 after the recent appearance of his personal data on the Redwatch website.

    The assailants reportedly shouted "We'll kill you, you leftist motherfucker!".Merseyside Trades Union Congress organiser Alec McFadden received death threats shortly after his details appeared on the website. At precisely the same time, Joe Owens, a Merseyside BNP candidate with several convictions for violent offences, began sending him emails gloating that he had photographic details of his house, car and family.

    The EDL's Redwatch photographer is a shadowy individual called Regan Hamilton who has on numerous occasions made his photography available to Redwatch.

    Photos have included journalists who have attended demonstrations and members of opposing groups including Unite Against Fascism. Hamilton is thought to be based in the north of England be has been seen sporting an EDL Somerset Division 'hoodie'

    The English Defence League have long intimidated photographers with two being escorted away by police at the Telford demonstration for their own safety after threats of violence and two cases at the recent Tower Hamlets demonstration. The National Union of Journalist reported that an EDL member tried to set fire to one photographer with lighter fluid and a female photographer was sexually assaulted.

    A number of journalist have contacted us asking for the identification of this man after they have had their photo appear on Redwatch, on each occasion Hamilton was present and taking photos of the journalists and photographers.

    One of Hamilton's photographs appeared on Redwatch depicting a young lady distributing leaflets at an EDL demonstration. Hamilton appears in the foreground. This photo appeared on Redwatch's website within days along with her personal details and her work information. We have blocked this out for obvious reasons.



    Hamilton was also caught out setting up a fake Facebook page for United Shaed of Britian and media officer Donna Mortimer was caught lying by trying to cover for him.

    In a chilling development at this weekend's EDL 'Tower Hamlets demonstration, the EDL's Nottingham coach strayed into Tower Hamlets and got a hostile reception and their coach came under fire from locals who did not want them in the borough. Under bizarre circumstances, hardcore EDL racist Joanne Dickens fell out of the emergency door and someone kicked her from behind.  Two men were videoing the incident and were laughing on the video.  The EDL coach drove off leaving her behind whilst a Muslim gentlemen lead her to safety. The video went viral on YouTube.

    All 44 member sof the coach poarty were subsequently arrested on a varity of public order offences.  More can be read on this here with screen shots of Dicken's vile racist abuse here.

    These two men have incurred the wrath of the English Defence League and vows were made by members to track them down.  The following post was made on Dicken's Facebook wall this morning.




    This has been passed to Plymouth based Mike Rafferty who, along with his fiance (the EDL's deputy regional co-ordinator) and two associates are currently facing charges for a violent racist attack on a Plymouth kebab house after and EDL 'meet and greet'. 

    Details of this morning's posts were passed to Nottinghamshire Police this morning.

    Not long afterwards details of the two men appeared on Redwatch, who have tracked down their names and where they work. By the evening their details had appeared on the white nationalist/nazi website Vanguard News Network. Whilst no fans of the EDL themselves because the EDL claim to tolerate jews, someone connected to the EDL have informed them that they intend to harrass these men in their work places.


    alt        alt

    Click  images to enlarge


    Next we move onto EDL member Chris Payne  who has completely given up any pretence that the EDL are not heavily involved in Redwatch. payne ws recently in court for spraying the proposed site of a new mosque with hate speech and putting a pigs head on a masque.

    Payne is the EDL's events planner and is happy to brag about his associations with Aryan Unity's Redwatch




    Charges Pressed for Plymouth Attacks

    • Category: EDL News
    • Written by Gary Fiennes-Hastings
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    Kellie Watterson and Hayley WellsFollowing the alledged attacks on the Istanbul Kebab Takeaway, Exeter Street, Plymouth by English Defence League members during an EDL  'meet and greet', four persons as follows have been charged  and released on bail to appear before Plymouth Magistrates on 7th September. bail conditions prevent Wells, Watterson, and neo-Nazi Burley attending the EDL Tower Hamlets Demonstration and Rafferty attending the combined ex-forces demonstration at Downing Street.

     Kelly WATTERSON – aged 28yrs from St Peters Road in Manadon, Plymouth.
    1) Racially aggravated affray
    2) Racially aggravated common assault by beating
    Hayley WELLS – aged 27 from Shell Close, Leigham in Plymouth.
    1) Racially aggravated common assault by beating
    Michael RAFFERTY – aged 33yrs from Queen Street, Devonport in Plymouth.
    1) Obstruct/resist Constable in the execution of his duty
    Ricky BURLEY – aged 43yrs from High Street, Stonehouse in Plymouth.
    1) Using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour or disorderly behaviour (Contrary to Sec 5 of the Public Order Act)
    2) Obstruct/resist Constable in the execution of his duty
    All four of the above have Police Bail conditions as follows:
    1) Not to go within 100 metres of the Istanbul Kebab Takeaway, Exeter Street, Plymouth.
    2) To report to Charles Cross Police Station between 1pm and 2pm on the 28th August 2011 and the 3rd September 2011.


    Wells went on to accuse the Plymouth Herald of lying despite them reporting the facts and Wells' friend Steph Adamson threatened to bomb the Herald's offices.

    Further comments will not be published until after the court case

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