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    Bin UKIP and Bin Farage Campaign

    • Category: EDL News
    • Written by Gary Hasting
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    Fed up of swivel eyed UKIP types and closet racists pushing their racist leaflets through your door? Send us your inventive ways of disposing of UKIP trash and we will post the best here!

    Tweet @edlnews - Email info@edlnews.co.uk






    UKIP Supporters try and shut down opposition Twitter accounts

    • Category: EDL News
    • Written by Gary Hasting
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    We are a little over UKIP and their claims that they support free speech especially as their supporters are organising to try and shut down free speech on Twitter by mass reporting accounts who they disagree with.

    Meet Michael Wood aka @nationalist_uk aka Micheal Elkins, formerly of the south Wales British National Party and the co-founder of the failed British Freedom party that was headed by the English Defence League's Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll.

    Woods has previously been on our pages for praising Norwegian mass child killer, Anders Behring Brievik.


    Woods allegiance in now well and truly with UKIP camp and he appears to be conducting a black ops campaign to get his 7,000 far right Twitter followers to shut down a female who set up a 'women against UKIP Twitter account' to express her concerns about women's rights under a UKIP government


    The Twitter user has now had three accounts shut down now after a co-ordinated bully and abuse campaign and Woods looks very much part of the political party's alleged black ops team.

    We have written to Twitter on the matter of UKIP supporters and free speech and reported the bullying and harrassment to the Police.

    Racist UKIP supporters launch attack on their own Asian candidate, Ummer Farooq

    • Category: EDL News
    • Written by Zoe Harrison
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    EDL News has been taking a look around various UKIP groups of the last couple of weeks.  One group we found, called Rebel UKIP Debate Factory, was set up by UKIP supporters who are fed up with being told they cannot be racist on the political party's Facebook page and want to form alliances with extremists like the EDL and the BNP.

    Picture: Oddball racist hypnotist, Dino Tamburrini.

    A question was asked by the admin of the group, Glenn Pells,  regarding a Muslim man standing for UKIP in the coming European elections.

    Ummer Farooq is standing as a candidate in the William Morris ward in Walthamstow under a no racism platform.

    West Kirby based UKIP supporter and self employed hypnotist and magician, Dino Tamburrini, described him as a 'sheep shagging paedo c*** whilst Darlaston based racist, Tracey Holliday, described him as a rat, a term the Nazis used to dehumanise Jewish people in the run up to the holocaust. Tamburrini is also an admin for the page.

    Fruitcakes, Loonies or hardcore racists? I think we know the answer to that.

    UKIP racist Tracey Holliday

    Nigel Farage can play the 'not racist card' as much as he wants but it will not change the fact that this is the type of people UKIP attracts.

    Understanding that HOPE not Hate understands hate

    • Category: EDL News
    • Written by Paul Adamson
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    Those of us who have met HOPE not hate activists know that they are a friendly and committed bunch. They have their glossy leaflets full of interesting ideas on how to defeat the BNP and of late UKIP and an energy that is effective and low-fuss.

    Upstairs at HOPE not hate towers in a darkroom somewhere are people that make it all tick. People not particularly anonymous but often hard to get a handle on. The conspiracy theorists suggest they operate in a world of subterfuge, fast cars and secretive, clandestine behaviour. They are certainly the envy of others who attempt to or used to occupy the same field. Their magazine-hard to get hold of as it is always has research that stands up to scrutiny and relevance.

    When HOPE not hate drop their irregular intelligence "bombs" they have an effect of almost disbelief. But they quite often more than not get it right and move on. They seem to tick very quietly under the surface while leaflets and newspapers with celebrity faces get delivered across the country for mass consumption.

    Earlier this week one of our team managed to grab an invite to Hnh's London conference. A low key affair with impressive speakers from international organisations, universities and statutory agencies. They were launching a new publication "Signs of Hate 2" which is a re-write of an earlier publication they put out when they were part of the Searchlight umbrella.

    "Signs of Hate 2" as it is known is one of those publications that should actually be read far wider than it is intended. At the moment it is for probation, prison and police officers. "Signs of Hate 1" will now probably be in a civil service waste paper bin as this is finally the document that the anti-fascist movement should have put out five years ago when the EDL first started. As a result of our attendance we are now in possession of the document too and it is very, very good as well as long over due.

    "Signs of Hate 2" is an intelligence document of sorts but not of the content people may not have actually already have known or suspected. It just happens to be written as a part guide for idiots part guide in accuracy for academics and part grasp on Hnh's views and understanding of decades of fascist and extremist activity.

    The document gives us an account of the EDL and the demise of the BNP and a better insight than anything ever before into the real and less sensationalist uses of Social Media. The writer(s) have deconstructed social media in part and deconstructed in full the absolute flaws of certain academics who have not understood not just the EDL but also nationalism/extremism and fascism in particular. You can not apply random academic research to something so fluid as the diminishing world but not views of groups like the EDL. Where better to inform those who really need to know what happens inside the far-right than from the shop floor as it were?

    By all accounts the presentation of the guide was offered up by its author with a running commentary and Q&A session that gave as well as does the document an overview of the current fascist threat that was both brilliant and measure. Recent conferences by others have appeared sensationalist, misinformed and inaccurate to even poor old groups with no funding like us.

    Presentations that followed in support of the publication apparently also lay bear that few people truly understand what actual work Hnh has done and does in communities where the EDL and BNP have been active. On almost every EDL or BNP activity over the last 5 years Hnh has given a running and up to date commentary.

    We would like to see more of that rolled out over time to give the anti-fascist community a greater understanding of the long term plan that Hnh does have and will inevitably deliver when all of the sniping and shouting from the sideline has finished. The text that accompanies and commentates on sections on music, tattoos and ideology would stand out alone without the booklet.

    We're proud to say that to us and the part of "citizen journalism" [Hnh's description] there is praise and constructive criticism in equal measure where needed. if politically we may from time to time disengage with Hnh's game plane it is fair to say that they do provide perhaps the most accurate insight and overview of the far-right in this country but will draw different conclusions than others as part of a longer term strategy. This document and its Q&A session shows that perhaps Hnh are thinkers and strategists and not just curiously aloof. Could they please share the wealth?

    "Signs of Hate 2" bears very little similarity to the original document other than in name. The section on Islamist extremism is interesting if not of our field. Will it draw unnecessary criticisms? More than likely.

    The object is that racist offenders get caught and get punished and get understood and get help. Knowledge of racists is therefore no bad thing

    EDL smash up Paris streets and pull Hitler salutes before Champions League Quarter Finals

    • Category: EDL News
    • Written by Zoe Harrison
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    Fascist EDL supporters chanted racist songs at black Parisians and smashed up shops and cafes as Chelsea played Paris St Germain in the quarter finals of the Champions League this evening.

    Violence broke out before the game as their thugs had spent the afternoon drinking in the Frog and Rosbif pub where 400 or so thugs pulled Hitler salutes whilst singing English Defence League songs according to the Daily Telegraph.

    A group of 100 then ran down Rue St Denis smashing up bars, cafes and shops.

    French intelligence suggested they entered France via Belgium to avoid detection.

    More as we get it

    Above picture by @RonanMcGrath. Top picture by @peterallenparis

    Funeral Director for dying BNP

    • Category: EDL News
    • Written by Zoe Harrison
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    Whilst the BNP is amidst its final painful death throes it's appropriate to discover the party has its very own funeral director which is pretty handy for a party who rub their hands in glee at the death of their own members.

    Meet Sheffield's Michael Fogg, a man who likes to use his company's Facebook page to advertise himself as the "BNP funeral director for soulth (sic) Yorkshire".

    He likes a bit of publicity for his company, Michael Fogg Funeral Directors, does Michael. Back in 2008 he was quoted in a confected story (a bit of 'nowtrage' as Charlie Brooker put it) the Daily Mail published on Sheffield City Council's policy of allowing only Muslim and Jewish funerals on weekends and bank holidays.

    In apparently irony free comments Mr Fogg declared of course that he was not a racist and that some of his best friends are Muslim. We paraphrase, but only ever so slightly. We wonder if his imaginary Muslim friends are aware of his support for the British National Party but many other openly and aggressively Islamophobic groups including the prison acquainted Infidels of Britain, Italy's rabid Forzo Nuova and Britain First.

    The latter may not best please Nick Griffin given his antipathy , hell his outright hostility, towards BF supremos and former BNP bigwigs Paul Golding and Jim Dowson.

    Mind you Nick will probably be even less pleased to discover Fogg was a great admirer of Nelson Mandela, posting on the ITV Calendar News page that he saw the former ANC leader as a "true legend". This contrasts sharply with Griffin who was universally criticised for Tweeting prior to his death that Mandela was a "murdering old terrorist."

    We wonder too what Nick would make of Michael's wife's love of Billie Holiday, The Ronettes, Nina Simone and Amy Winehouse. In fact we wonder quite how Michael squares his wife's love of black and Jewish artists with his love of fascist politics.

    Finally we wonder how this fascist undertaker would respond to Jewish and Muslim families seeking a dignified departure for their loved ones – not that we'd recommend his firm to them or indeed anyone with any sense of decency.

    Michael Fogg Funeral Directors is a member of the National Funeral Directors Association. EDL News will be notifying them of the company's peculiar social media advertising strategy and indeed of Mr Fogg's peculiar and discriminatory views.

    Nigel Farage to 'be made interim President of Crimea'

    • Category: EDL News
    • Written by Gary Hasting
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    Much has been made of Nigel Farage's admiration of Russian President, Vladimir Putin, over the last few weeks but sources within UKIP have told EDL News that Putin is to make Farage interim president of Crimea whilst a new parliament is formed which could take up to a year.

    Putin is said to be impressed with Farage's anti European stance and sees him as the ideal man to lead the country during these troubled times sources said.

    Read more: Nigel Farage to 'be made interim President of Crimea'

    Corby man called for mass genocide of British Muslims

    • Category: EDL News
    • Written by Lisa Fairclough
    • Hits: 1773

    Corby racist Dave BaileyWhilst the far right are frequently keen to idiotically pronounce that “anti-racism is code for white genocide” one of their number has demonstrated explicit support for actual genocide – the mass slaughter of British citizens based on their religious identity.

    Corby-based Britain First supporter Dave Bailey expressed his desire on a thread on the English Brotherhood – Northampton’s Facebook page devoted to foamage over Rochdale Council’s decision to raise the Pakistan flag to mark Pakistan day. As was pointed out on that thread the council also marks St. Patrick’s Day and St George’s Day with the raising of appropriate national flags as do many others, including neighbouring Manchester and Liverpool, both of which also host major St. Patrick’s Day and Chinese New Year celebrations.

    The fact-devoid thread that sparked Bailey’s call for mass genocide

    For Dave this act was not considered appropriate in relation to Britain’s history – its colonisation of India including what is now Pakistan – its continued Commonwealth allegiances, nor as an acknowledgment of Rochdale’s Pakistani-heritage community. For him it was the chance to invoke the horrific slaughter, rape and displacement of tens of thousands of Muslims by Radovan Karadžić and henchman Ratko Mladić in the early 90s.

    “We should deal with them how ratko (sic) mladic (sic) and serbia (sic) did…..Mass genocide is what Muslims deserve” claims Dave in the barely literate form of English so favoured by the self-proclaimed patriots of the far right. Apparently he “loved what happened there”. Let’s remind ourselves of what it is he loves. Both Karadžić and Mladić earned themselves the bloodstained soubriquet of the “Butcher of Bosnia.” The duo are currently on trial for war crimes, facing 11 counts including two of genocide, two of murder, hostage-taking, using violence to spread terror and persecutions on political, racial and religious grounds.

    Dave Bailey’s extensive list of far right likes includes many pages devoted to speading religious hatred

    Dave is not only on wishing the mass slaughter of British citizens for exercising their traditional and inalienable right to freedom of religious expression. His comment was liked by Lancashire racist Paul Stanhope, a UKIP and BNP supporter prone to sharing the hideous bile punted on social media by the fascist Britain First and Liberty GB.

    Genocide approving Paul Stanhope’s Facebook profile: a who’s who of far right fuckwittery

    We’ll leave you with a  final thought. The EDL and other far right splinter groups frequently argue that they are not racist because “Islam is not a race.” Why then do they generate more foam than the annual output of the Radox bubble bath factory at the sight of the Pakistan flag? It may be a predominantly Muslim country but it is also home to nearly three million Christians, two million Hindus as well as Buddhists, Sikhs and those who follow other faiths.

         EDL News will be reporting Dave Bailey’s comments for alleged breach of Section 29B of the Racial and Religious Hatred Act (2006). The maximum penalty for a conviction for an offence of stirring up religious hatred is seven years in prison plus a fine.

    Woman's suicide sparks hate fest on Official EDL Facebook Page

    • Category: EDL News
    • Written by Lisa Fairclough
    • Hits: 3664

    The apparent suicide of a woman in West Yorkshire supermarket has brought out the worst in a number of EDL supporters who are celebrating her death.

    Picture top left: Birmingham hate filled racist, Paula Donnelly

    They were commenting on a Daily Mail story which identified the woman only as being of “Asian appearance” and aged between 20-40 years. Her faith was not even hinted at. She has since been named as Sobia Yousef, 36, who is reported to have recently lost her daughter to a terminal illness.

    According to news reports she stabbed herself in the neck in Asda’s Shipley store, causing a fatal injury.

    By any normal person’s standards this is a horrific tragedy. But when it comes to the EDL we are not talking normal. The opening comment on the EDL thread comes from one Dave Cross who posts: ‘Killed herself “halal style” followed by a smiley icon.

    Whilst many EDL supporters rightly berated their fellow supporters for making negative and hateful posts, this comment, which attracted 44 likes, did set a tone.

    Take Essex racist Carol Hatch who expressed particularly vicious and inhumane thoughts in a series of comments. In reply to a poster who took issue with the hatred and mocking she said: ‘shes desperate and we are desperate. Got no sympathy for immigrants or muslims. They bring it on themselves.’ Riposting to another poster’s plea for decency she said: “this isn’t just from edl supporters, this is how most people feel, and we are nowhere near as sick as muslims the devils brigade. They should all be eradicated from the earth and sent to hell with allah the devil himself.” Clearly her grasp of morality and decency is right up there with her theological expertise.

    Birmingham EDL supporter Paula Donnelly chipped in with ‘at least there’s 1 less to breed.’ Donnelly has a conviction for her involvement in a £1.25m car cloning scam. Whilst Keighley’s Paul Toth marked Sobia’s tragic death by wishing her ‘good riddance.’ Glaswegian Davie Millan joined in the hate fest, saying ‘another down, good stuff,” whilst Kim Marie, aka Kim Beale, another Essex hater (now claiming to live in Portadown), wrote ‘33534,6345,76 to go’.

    Whilst we are grateful that a number of posters did seek to halt the tide of hate it’s noticeable that the page admins - thought to include Dave ‘Britian’ Bolton and Helen ‘Growler’ Gower – did not delete them. This speaks volumes of the hate driven imperative of the EDL leadership which now more than ever operates in a moral vacuum.


    Above: hate filled racist Kim Beale

    They should delete the posts, tell the offending posters that they are not welcome in the EDL and apologise for giving a platform to such disgusting views. We doubt they will.

    Joshua Bonehill Paine re-arrested after malicious communications court case

    • Category: EDL News
    • Written by Gary Hasting
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    Far right extremist, Joshua Bonehill Paine, has been rearrested after he pleaded guilty to malicious communications charges this morning at Yeovil Magistrates Court.

    Bonehill-Paine was taken away by police shorty after his was heard and is currently been questioned on other offences, allegedly committed in the last couple of weeks.

    Bonehill-Paine runs the Daily Bale website which publishes entirely fictitious stories by fictitious reporters and attempts to cause trouble for his victims.

    (Picture: Bonehill-Paine arrives at court)

    Last year he published a story about the Globe Pub in Leicester, accusing them of refusing service to Armed Forces personnel, resulting in a deluge of abuse and threatening phone calls to pub staff from far right extremists involved in the English Defence League and other far right groups. He was also chargedwith targeting of UKIP leader, Nigel Farage, but that charge was withdrawn.  He asked for two other offenses to be taken into consideration.

    Last year we exposed Bonehill-Paine as being the person behind the Woolwich Strong scam and many of the Strong movement have accused him of pocketing the money that was being raised for drummer Lee Rigby.

    His previous brush with the law was in 2011 when he broke into a police station in Chard, Somerset and assaulted two police officers.  He also pleaded guilty to attacking a flowerbed in preston Road, Yeovil, earlier in the year. At the time he was a Conservative party candidate. Magistrates sentenced him to a 12-month community order – including 100 hours of unpaid work and supervision by the probation service. 

    Bonehill Tweeted the following to his 21,000 'paid for' followers before and after his hearing.

    As of today, the Daily Bale website is still live and still publishing malicious stories. Bonehill Paine will be sentenced on the 4th April.

    More from our court reporter later.

    Review: EDL Girls - Don't Call me Racist

    • Category: EDL News
    • Written by Gary Hasting
    • Hits: 2242

    We had heard a fair few whispers about this documentary in the increasingly smaller English Defence League circles over recent months so we were interested to see how the BBC would portray the female members of the EDL.

    The documentary started out in the family home of 16 year old Katie from Reading, whose immediate family seemed to be EDL.  She lived with her mum, her step father Jay, and brothers and sisters.

    Family meals seem to involved constant discussions about Muslims and the ailing far right group, day in, day out.

    Jay produced a loaf of Kingsmill bread from out of a hat, which offended him because it was Halal.  The loaf appeared to have been half eaten before it was discovered that the offending item was religiously slaughtered, and possibly dangerous.

    It appeared that Katie's family had been groomed into far right extremism, possibly after the arrival of Jay on the scene.

    Katie wanted to find out if the EDL had a deserved reputation for drunkeness and violence, or whether the media portrayed them wrongly, and joined Jay and other members of her family to take to the streets of Reading to hand out anti Muslim leaflets.

    Jay might have been taken more seriously by the general public if he had refrained from dressing up like a terrorist. Clad in a balaclava, one Muslim woman told him he looked like he was planning to rob a Jewellery shop.

    Katie and her best friend lurked in the background looking visibly embarrassed and uncomfortable.

    Jay got short shrift from Reading residents which cumulated in a run in with a Muslim lady with her child, which did not go well for him. It was a pretty quick surrender for someone whose motto is 'No surrender'.

    Katie wanted to experience a march but decided against going to their Tower Hamlets march with her family and followed it online.  The EDL never fare well in London, and inevitably they would be confronted by anti fascists and locals in huge numbers.  Katie was concerned with the prospect of a violent demo after a session of kitchen table scaremongering where Muslim men were accused of treating women worse than goats.

    The documentary moved on to show a Reading Division meeting hosted by Jay at the family home, where one of the participants bizarrely claimed that there were men walking around in Burkas in her local Tescos. This sort of idiocy is hard to get your head around but it is seen at meet and greets up and down the country.

    As it turned out, that was enough for Katie and she stated she did not want anything to do with the EDL, as she did not want to be branded a racist. Whilst quite rightly concerned about extremism, she was not willing to join a group of racist extremists to make her point.

    Another girl featured was Amanda, an 18 year old from Middlesbrough who had been recruited by Yorkshire 'Angels' leader, Gail Speight.  

    She had moved to Castleford from Middlesbrough after some personal problems and had few friends in West Yorkshire, so found a sense of belonging with the Yorkshire Division.  She bizarrely claimed that a night out with Speight and the Yorkshire Division had been the best night of her life, but you need to bear in mind she is from Middlesbrough.

    The grooming continued by Speight's right hand woman, Antonia, who spent the evening showing her EDL YouTube propaganda videos.

    Amanda backed out of going to the Bradford demo citing that she thought there would be violence there, and her mother did not approve.

    A sad reflection on joining the EDL for her was the fact that during filming, Amanda received a text message from one of her best friends, asking her to delete his number as he did not want to be involved with 'Racist EDL scum,' which seems a common occurrence in a cult like this with members frequently ditching their disapproving friends and family after joining up.

    She is then followed on a first date, and tells the suitor about the EDL.  He looked a bit confused about who they were but stated he was not too keen on people talking in other languages on the bus, in case they were conspiring against him.

    He was also not keen on the chicken nuggets as they tasted fishy.  This is what you get from hooking up with people on Plenty of Fish we assume.

    She managed to convince him that going on the Wakefield demo with a group of racist morons would be rather romantic. We think a date at an abattoir with Harold Shipman would be significantly more romantic.

    The relationship did not last long, despite him declaring his love for her after only a couple of hours.

    Only a short time after getting involved with the EDL, Amanda managed to get a picture of herself on Facebook, sieg heiling and and posing as Hitler, which was quite an achievement, even by EDL standards. This incurred the wrath of the senior angels who don't like pictures of their members openly outing themselves as Hitler enthusiasts on social networking pages.

    They went on to describe Hitler as being a 'little bit racist'.

    Amanda's first demo in Wakefield did not go too well as her and her friend Tasha, were mistaken for anti EDL demonstrators and herded off with the antis until police realised their mistake.

    Gail Speight cut a sad and tragic figure.  The documentary followed her court case where she claimed she was assaulted by two Asian men who we subsequently found not guilty after a jury at Leeds Crown Court did not believe a word she and her mates said.

    You could almost feel sorry for her if you were not privy to the fact that in the weeks before the incident, her home was turned into a drop-in drinking club for the socially inadequate white supremacist group, the Infidels, and drunken racist abuse was shouted in the streets at passing locals on a regular basis.

    One of the local residents at the time told EDL News that she was the neighbour from hell, and the police were called to deal with her group's anti social drunken behaviour on several occasions.

    Her only other talent in life seems to be staggering around drunk whilst still retaining the ability to bark out 'Yorkshire, Yorkshire, Yorkshire' continuously like a dog trying to chunder up a viscous accumulation of fur balls.

    We were not really expecting anything of any great depth from BBC Three, however it did show how disaffected youth can feel a sense of belonging to to a cult like the EDL.

    Speight was shown in a more sympathetic light than she actually deserved. Other members of Gail's groups friends (such as Joanne Dickens who had white power tattoos on her legs) were largely kept away from the camera and Jeffaz Carr's brief cameo left him looking as useful as a religiously slaughtered chocolate tea pot.

    The documentary received a fairly negative reaction from EDL members on social networks with the BBC being accused of being communist, despite giving them a fairly easy ride and failing to put any proper research into the organisation.

    We were please that Katie decided it was not the sort of thing we she wanted to get into, we hope Amanda moves away from them and find something better to do with her life and we hope Gail Speight gets the help she so desperately needs for the sake of both her and her two children.

    All in all, if the EDL thought they were going to come away looking good from this documentary, they were very wrong.

    If you want to significantly reduce your IQ by up to 30% by listening to their drivel for an hour, the documentary can be found on Iplayer


    Further Reading

    A potted history of EDL racist Gail Speight

    Bank Holiday Special: Gail Speight Arrested Plus Other Far Right Idiocy

    Gail Speight arrested during drunken prison demo

    Not guilty verdicts in Gail Speight attack trial

    The lunacy of Gail Speight

    A potted history of EDL racist Gail Speight

    • Category: EDL News
    • Written by Gary Hasting
    • Hits: 7694

    BBC Three tonight features a documentary which follows female EDL members around on their racist demos.

    One featured is Wakefield based racist, Gail Speight, so we thought we would bring you a short potted history of Speight, her racism and her heavy drinking.

    Speight first popped up on out radar three years ago when she made a drunken phone call to George Galloway's Five Live radio phone it. It did not work out well for her as she slurred her way throught the call.  Wind on until 7mins 25 seconds

    Speight's first EDL related arrest came in early May 2013 where a early morning raid took place on her house related to some fake claims that she had been beaten up by Muslims as her anti social behaviour caused havoc for her neighbours, one who described her as 'the neighbour from hell'.

    Police confiscated her computer, her phone and memory stiicks.

    Above: Speight shortly before she tried to launch a drunken attack on a photographer

    Speight next popped up in May 2013 where she turned up at their Leeds demonstration. She was to make a speech but was so drunk she had to abandon it halfway through. Full story here. There was no sign of a broken arm which she claimed was done by local Asians.

    Throughout the summer of 2013, her anti social behaviour got worse as she had EDL members, neo Nazis and white supremacists from the Infidels round her house every night, getting drunk and racially abusing locals residents.

    This cumulated in a fight where Speight was injured.  Speight and friends were desperate for a Asian to get convicted so lied to Leeds Crown Court. The court did not beleive a word they said and found the Asian man not guilty.

    One of her crew of racists was hardcore National Front racist, Simon Scott, who stated that he planned to set fire to a 'rag head' if one sat next to him on a bus


    Her most recent brush with the law was four  weeks ago when she turned at Wakefield prison drunk and was arrested for being part of a group that tried to rush lines at an anti IRA demo.

    Picture: Speight being taken away by police

    Speight's son, Jordan, who she has groomed into right wing extremist was also arrested.

    Below is a review of the show from the Stoke Sentinal.

    AMANDA was looking forward to a date with her new boyfriend. "I think it's going to be quite romantic going on an EDL demo," she said. And indeed it's been the bedrock of many a Mills and Boon.

    Amanda, played, I think, in a cameo by Peter Kay, had recently left Middlesbrough to come to live with her mum in Castleford. That's a lot of glamour for an 18-year-old.

    BBC3's documentary followed her as she found a new family in the Yorkshire branch of the English Defence League – you might have seen them on that episode of Last Of The Summer Wine when they rioted through Holmfirth.

    "We're all going to become friends and work together to defend the country," she said. Which makes me feel a bit better about the loss of the Ark Royal.

    She'd enjoyed her opening meeting immensely. "It's been the best evening I've ever had," she said. Which I thought was a bit over the top until I remembered she was from Middlesbrough.

    However, news that she'd joined the EDL hadn't gone down well. "Delete my number," one pal had texted. "I don't want to talk to narrow minded EDL racist scum." LOL.

    On the plus-side, she'd found a partner. "When you've got a boyfriend," she mused, "it' nice to sit there and have a cuddle and a talk." Always good to curl up and chat about the forced repatriation of an ethnic minority.

    Together they went for a meal. "The chicken nuggets taste like fish," he said. Those bleeding fish, coming over here, pretending to be chicken nuggets.

    The conversation was never less than sparkling. "I hate it when foreigners sit there on the bus talking their own language," he said, "for all you know they could be saying 'let's kill 'em all here'." It reminded me of that rom-com, When Harry Met Mussolini.

    "To be fair," chirped Amanda, "that's why I hate trains." I can only assume they hitch-hike with white motorists.

    Sadly for Amanda they split up soon after. "I was disappointed," she said, "because he was a nice lad." I preferred the chicken nugget.

    There was more disappointment round the corner. Amanda was berated by an EDL chief for posting a picture on Facebook – of her posing as Hitler.

    Amanda was confused. "There's quite a few things to get your head round," she sighed. Like not doing impressions of murderous right wing dictators.

    At least she had the demo. Oh, the demo. "Amanda," we heard, as the police came between the EDL and anti-fascists, "has been swept away with the opposing demonstrators."

    Best laugh I've had in years.

    Further reading on Speight

    Bank Holiday Special: Gail Speight Arrested Plus Other Far Right Idiocy

    Gail Speight arrested during drunken prison demo

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    EDL 'may have caused cancellation of Rigby memorial march'

    • Category: EDL News
    • Written by Gary Hasting
    • Hits: 1425

    The English Defence League have come under fire from the family of murdered soldier, Lee Rigby, and may have cancelled their memorial march according to far right political party, Britain First.

    Picture left: EDL's Alan Furniss who exposed himself on TV

    A scathing statement aimed at the EDL, the English Volunteer Force and the South East Alliance, slates them for exposing themselves to TV cameras during the sentencing and spending all day getting drunk and slurring football songs.

    Read more: EDL 'may have caused cancellation of Rigby memorial march'

    Disrespectful Scenes as EDL Mob Meet Outside Old Bailey to Jeer Rigby Sentencing

    • Category: EDL News
    • Written by Gary Hasting
    • Hits: 5353

    There were disgraceful and disrespectful scenes outside the Old Bailey this afternoon after three far right extremists were arrested and one exposed himself in front of a live BBC camera crew, leaving the Rigby family unwilling to make a statement outside the court.

    Rival extremists from the English Defence League, Britain First and the British National Party turned up turned up to the Old Bailey this morning and it inevitably turned into something akin to a drunken football crowd.

    Michael Adebolajo has been given a whole-life term and Michael Adebowale has been jailed for a minimum of 45 years for the murder of Lee Rigby.

    Tempers frayed early on, as Britain First leader, Paul Golding, was accused of being a 'nonce' by an English Defence League member.

    It was not long before the rival groups of grief tourists were put into separate pens by police, desperate for them not to start fighting each other.

    Far right extremist, thought to be Roy Price, arrested by City of London Police. Courtesy of Hope not Hate

    After the sentence was announced, an EDL regional Organiser, believed to be Alan Furniss, dropped his underwear and exposed his backside to a nearby live BBC camera crew in a massive show of disrespect to Rigby and his family.

    Picture below: Al Furniss

    A City of London Police spokesman said two men were arrested, one on suspicion of actual bodily harm and one for affray.

    A woman was arrested on suspicion of being drunk and disorderly.

    The baying mob of extremists are beleived to have contributed to the reason why the Rigby family sent their solicitor to make a statement outside the court on thier behalf. @CourtNewsUK earlier reported that a Police officer advised them against making the statement in person, advising them; "Would you want to associate yourself with that lot?"

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    edlnews @1markfield That one prat was a white supremacist and #UKIP poster boy. Ukip is riddled with them
    edlnews @RedHotSquirrel There are going to be plenty more after this http://t.co/sL03474g7I #UKIP Don;t like it up 'em
    edlnews Nigel Farage is at the Radisson hotel in Manchester tonight if you want to protest about parading white supremacists on our TV screens #ukip
    edlnews @JWales12 @FarageTobyJug You are angry and you are foaming. now fuck off
    edlnews @JWales12 @FarageTobyJug I have not got any mates in syria you drunken clown #ukip
    edlnews @dgvsema @boverred @SkyNews @BBCNews Yes massively transparent lol http://t.co/sL03474g7I #ukip
    edlnews @1markfield Did you really tweet that less than an hour after this happened? http://t.co/sL03474g7I #ukip

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