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    Kim Gandy thrown out of UKIP

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    • Written by Gary Fiennes-Hastings
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    Late last year, we brought you the deranged rantings of UKIP's candidate Kim Gandy which turned out to be one of the most read articles on this website.

    Gandy went on a monumental meltdown and even ended up turning on her own party members.

    After all of her hate filled Facebook posts were published by EDL News, Gandy closed her account and went to ground.

    For those who have missed her hate filled racist rants and threats, Ms Gandy is back with a vengence, only without UKIP as they have thrown her out for being massive mentalist.

    Gandy reappeared at the start of teh Anders Breivik trial where whe started trolling various groups under the pseudnom 'Andrew Berwick' in support of the mass killer.

    Gandy reappearance under her own name, seems to have been sparked by the massive counter protest against the MfE/EDL invading Brighton on Sunday.  The false claims that a young girl was hit and injured by a bottle (but remarkably was not reported to the police or any hospitals).

    Liek the Black Knight out of Monty Python, Gandy has returned to have that final limb chopped off by everyone on the itnernet so for that reason Gandy finds her self in Derek Fender corner.




    In it her old rhetoric returns, and she claims that she will be sorting out lefties and anyone who disagrees with her when she is in power.

    This we feel will be rather difficuolt consider her UKIP who gave her a political platform have botted her out becasue her extremism is too toxic for the party.

    We feel that she might want to get in touch with deputy leader of the British Freedom Party, Tommy Robinson, to see if they will take her.  They are her best chance considering that the foudning member, Micheal Wood came out in support fo Breivik on Twitter.

    Gandy continues by complaining about how badly everyone on the itnernet treated her after her vile outbursts were explosed.

    Gandy was neither hacked or photoshopped, she was, however, screenshot by us when she left her hate filled Facebook wall wide open.



    Gandy blames Unite Agaisnt fascism for her racisma nd confirms that she has been booted out of UKIP



    Gandy makes an astonishing claim that UAF are run by Muslims.  We are not UAF so cannot confirm this but if they screenshot her being racist and put it on the internet, they must be! We tried to confirm the with teh UAF but they were all at teh mosque when we called.



    Having a raasoned debate with Gandy is akin to teaching cats how to juggle, as the perfectly reasonable Star Etheridge finds out. Gandy blames the Muslim run UAF and fellow UKIPers for her untinely demise on the political scene.



    So a message to Gandy, we are not UAF, and you orchestrated your own downfall, helped along by uws.  You can bl;ame us all you want but a political party like UKIP are not going to want anything to do with a hate filled loose cannon like yourself. Hense you got thrown out.

    See you soon in Derek Fender Corner.



    edlnews @UKIPPA @CllrChrisPain Joshua bonehill troll account Chris
    edlnews @CrinklyCree @rcp123456 Well done for most idiotic tweet of the day
    edlnews RT @woodgnomology: @edlnews Cyclists being crushed to death by lorries is an ancient British freedom & #UKIP will fight to the last expense…
    edlnews Nigel Farage and Nick Griffin vote against making lorries safer for cyclists and pedestrians http://t.co/ayuTnnpK4I #ukip
    edlnews @nibbs007 @StevenSodholmy @CllrChrisPain It is no '92 even though most kippers wish it was
    edlnews @nibbs007 @CllrChrisPain He is not in the process of doing it. Guess why? Need a clue?
    edlnews @nibbs007 @StevenSodholmy<--- this UKIPer is a special one. I predict things are going to go rather tits for him very soon
    edlnews @nibbs007 @CllrChrisPain If they are smears can you explain why Farage is not suing them? Thought not. #ukip #deluded #ukipsleaze

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