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    Is Tommy Robinson a political prisoner?

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    • Written by Gary Hasting
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    The following article is a chronological account of the arrest of Tommy Robinson and explains why the Leader of the English Defence League is not a political prisoner and how he used 53 of his most loyal patriots to cover up the crimes he had committed in order to attain martyr status within the ranks of the EDL.

    This resulted in 53 members of the English Defence League being arrested and bailed until November.


    7th September 2012 - Tommy released a video statement .

    What came out of this video, was not just Tommy’s anger at EDL, but also his frustration at the knowledge he was about to be arrested and that his wife had left him. He stated he had been under investigation for various crimes, such as “money laundering, conspiracy to evade tax, mortgage fraud” also stating it was “going back 6 years“.

    These charges have nothing to do with EDL or politics. He also indicated that he had handed his passport in and that he expected to be arrested in October. He also claimed he had no money and no funders.





    A) Wife left him.

    B) Knowledge of forthcoming arrest.

    C) Several crimes dating back 6 years.

    D) No Money or funders.

    E) No Passport Video evidence " target="_blank">



    10th October 2012 - Reports of Tommy with false passport


     This report can be found here http://www.courtnewsuk.co.uk/newsgallery


    This is another of Tommy's fake Passports





    11th September 2012 - Tommy visits USA


    Tommy tweeted constantly about being in USA. Much to the surprise of most people, for 3 reasons.

    1) He had only just stated, 4 days previously, he had to hand his passport in to the Police

    2) He had been refused entry to USA IN 2010 due to his criminal record, which had become worse rather than spent.

    3) He claimed 4 days previously, he had no money and no funders. He also made a speech where he claimed himself and Kev have had people chase them with shotguns and “had cars blown up”


    Tommy makes sure everyone knows he is in USA



    Tommy refused admission into USA in 2010




    29th September 2012 - Florence, Italy



    Tommy flew out to Florence in Italy to give a hate speech. Even though he had claimed not to have any funders and could not afford to go, in his statement on 7th September


    F) Who funded this

    G) What passport did he use


    10th October 2012 - Tommy knows he is in the shit


     Tommy sent a tweet to Pam Geller in USA, asking for her phone number and stating “Think there will be some activity this week about my trip to usa”


    H) Prison term was imminent.

    I) His crimes did not qualify him as a ‘Political Prisoner’


    11th October 2012 - Tommy resigns from the British Freedom Party




    This strongly suggests the British Freedom Party knew the extent of the trouble Tommy was in and it was decided by all concerned that he would resign his deputy leadership for the sake of Kevin Carroll's Police and Crime Commissioner election bid.



    15th October 2012 - Decides to use EDL as a cover.


     Tommy started to arrange a ‘secret mission’ with some of the more prominent EDL members, those that were more likely to make a noise after being arrested, but also those that were more likely to go along with anything he said without questioning the reasons behind it. He also made sure those that were more likely to leak this information to Anti EDL groups, were made aware of the plans, so Police would inevitably be informed.

    J) Gives the impression he has been detained for a ‘Political action’
    K) Gets more attention in other Countries.
    L) No regard for men he used, simply to cover his own criminal activities


    17th October 2012 - Plans start to leak on open forums



     Although by this time, Tommy has already made sure the plans had been leaked to a number of Anti EDL groups, the taunting begins on open forums. EDL members and admins on Unplugged Debate page could not resist slipping, what they thought were teasers, into the forum.

    Admins in this group include

    Vinny James

    Babs Davis

    Sarah Hully

    Hel Gower



    20th October 2012 - The arrests have already taken place.


    At this time, the Anti EDLers had already been informed of the arrests, but sworn to secrecy for another few hours, as more arrests were to follow. It seems the EDL were not kept as much in the loop as they thought.



    21st October 2012- Photos of the paramilitary clothed EDL




    Some of the lads Tommy used in his Big Van Scam, little did they know he had set them up completely, for his own ends.



    22nd October 2012- Tommy kicks off his Political prisoner claims

     Although Tommy has already spoke of his forth coming arrest for crimes he has committed and has been under investigation for, going back 6 years, he still tries to blur these facts.




    He knew this was going to be the case and spoke of it 2 weeks earlier, before planning his Big Van Scam.



    22nd October 2012 - Kev Carroll can't resist a little racial and religious hate stirring



     Despite running for Police and Crimes Commissioner in Bedfordshire, Tommy's cousin Kevin can not resist the chance to stir up some racial tension. Even though EDL spend much of their time demonstrating over, and trying to convince the world that Muslims do not get arrested in the UK, they also spend much of their time demonstrating outside the courts during trials of Muslims.

    Kev can not resist stirring the Irony stick even further into the bullshit pot, by claiming the prison is full of these people that they claim never get arrested. Further more, Just to prove Kevin was making it up as he went along, Tommy was not even at Wormwood Scrubs Prison, he was being held at Wandsworth Prison. More on Kevin Carroll here <a target="_blank" href="/http://imgur.com/a/xKX9n">http://imgur.com/a/xKX9n</a>



    +17 #1 Doctor Noonien Soong 2012-10-27 11:10
    In a way I feel sorry for Lennon, his hate has led him to lose everything in his life, all because he fell out with some bloke he went to school with.
    For me, the best outcome would for him to realise all this and make up with his family.
    -37 #2 Neil Frog 2012-10-27 20:51
    Opposing the islamification of Britain isnt racist. It's not right wing. It's not prejudice. It's just standing up for what many of us believe.
    +23 #3 Ash 2012-10-28 19:18
    To Neil Frog: "Opposing the Jewish influence on Germany isnt racist. It's not right wing. It's not prejudice. It's just standing up for what many of us believe".
    This is what the Germans would have said in 1930's.
    +19 #4 hasan prishtina 2012-10-28 19:27
    But it's not much to do with 'opposing the islamification of Britain,' is it? Robinson/Yaxley -Lennon publicly flouted his bail conditions when he spoke at the Tower Hamlets debacle and was given a chance by the authorities after a few days on remand. Despite evidence of lawbreaking, he has continued to abuse the chance given him by the courts when they gave him a suspended sentence for assault of a former soldier. Now he is facing charges of money laundering, conspiracy to evade tax and mortgage fraud. He was required to surrender his passport, but allowed to remain free. Then came his decision to quit the BFP and go out in a blaze of 'glory' by setting up the 53-in-a-furnitu re-van stunt.

    The fact that the Americans might extradite him for entering the US illegally is a bit of a sideshow. (It should be noted that no-one has discussed the implications of his illegally entering Italy). Under Federal law, the maximum penalty for a first offence of this type is six months in jail; what is more likely is that Uncle Sam will just bar him from entering the US again. On the other hand, if anyone in the US facilitated his fraudulent entry into the country, that may attract more severe penalties.

    What is important is that, despite the fact he had surrendered his passport, Robinson/Yaxley -Lennon chose to leave the country by fraudulent means. He has shown that, despite all the chances offered him by the authorities, he is prepared to break the law as he pleases and that there are people abroad who might assist him should he decide to do so again. The ten years he is looking at are for the money laundering, conspiracy to evade tax and mortgage fraud, not for illegal immigration.

    As the article says, there is nothing about 'opposing islamification' in money laundering, conspiracy to evade tax, mortgage fraud, illegal immigration or violating bail conditions. The world isn't a conspiracy against 'patriots'; it's just that if you behave like a criminal and then throw away all the chances the authorities give you, you have to take the consequences of your actions.
    -33 #5 Holger Awakens 2012-10-28 21:37
    It must really suck to spend 8 hours putting up this post only to have two out of three comments in favor of the rights of the British people vs. the appeasement of insurgent islamists.

    But carry on, dude.

    :blowing on the dying embers of EDLNews:
    +18 #6 hasan prishtina 2012-10-29 20:30
    "It must really suck to spend 8 hours putting up this post only to have two out of three comments in favor of the rights of the British people vs. the appeasement of insurgent islamists"

    Of the first three comments, one is a fact-free statement about opposing islamification, one pities TR/SY-L for the circumstances in which his hatred now places him and one likens the comment about opposing islamification to the sort of thing said in Germany in the 1930s. That makes one comment 'in favor of the rights of British people,' two comments critical of EDL hatred and no comments supporting the appeasement of insurgent islamists. Complete lack of reading comprehension or inability to count to three? You decide.
    +12 #7 Stylo 2012-10-29 21:53
    Holger Awakens:

    A lot of people view EDL News, including a lot of the EDL who get riled up about being exposed as the disgusting, racist, xenophobic scum that they are.

    Not all comment, as you can see by the amount of thumbs down votes on terrible posts like yours.

    The EDL are choking the final breaths of their brief tenure on the far right scene. Once again the decent, hard working, tax paying British people have stood up to them in their millions at every turn.

    The EDL was always doomed to fail, just like the BNP did and the National Front before them.

    The next transformation in this British Freedom lark, which is already on a downhill slide. But these people will keep re-branding themselves and failing once more as they struggle to come to terms with the fact that they are the problem with society.

    You will never defeat Britain in your hateful campaign based on lies and misinformation.
    +3 #8 MY smiley Face 2012-10-30 12:19
    Really good report. As for the EDL no one genuinely believes they give a fuck about Islamifcation of Britain. Its all to do with abusing some "darkies". The same thing that happens with polish, kosovans, black people, asians, gays etc. Its a minority and drunken louts and ignorant people make out like they are the good people fighting the good fight. Go onto a well known video website and see blatant racism, thuggery and hooligan behaviour. Even when debating with these guys no matter how rationally or decently you do it they will lie and fabricate facts. If they are racist and you prove it, other edl claim whoever was racist isn't edl.
    +3 #9 Danny 2012-10-31 14:16
    Is he a political prisoner? No - He is just a lying muppet with a criminal record who thinks there is two tier legal system - ID fraud clearly doesn't apply to him.

    Anyone else noticed that the Tommeh's distinct lack of lips makes him look like a real life muppet?
    -10 #10 Holger Awakens 2012-11-01 01:08

    Good luck to you. Some of us aren't willing to let our daughters have their clitoris' hacked off in the name of Mohammed. Some of us actually adore personal freedoms and liberties and refuse to be enslaved by the shackles of Sharia. If you long for slavery to allah, then go for it. You want Marxism, you want Islamofascism, you want to give every right you have over to the government and islamists...the n fine. But don't expect people like me to join you in that suicide.

    G_d Bless America. G_d Bless Britain. G_d Bless Israel.
    +3 #11 gary 2012-11-01 16:33
    Do you worry about little green men invading as well Holger? What about mutating badgers and zombies?
    +2 #12 Dave Starr 2012-11-02 03:00
    Is Tommy Robinson a political prisoner? Is the Pope a Lutheran?
    +1 #13 hasan prishtina 2012-11-02 17:24
    Quite possibly, Gary. People like "Holger Awakens" think that the alternative to not doing what they think is the inevitable and imminent collapse of society, something to which the far right in Britain has looked forward since the days of Mosley and the Blackshirts. In this sense, they have a great deal in common with the far left, who present their views as an alternative to inevitable and imminent fascist rule. And both share much of their world view with religious fanatics, including Islamists, who think that our failure to do as they say will bring about our deserved mass destruction. This is why extremists are so fond of talk of civil war; they need to keep their hopes up.

    None of this, of course, bears the slightest relationship with reality. TR/SY-L's plight doesn't make a single girl more or less likely to suffer the horror of FGM, nor does it affect anyone's freedoms and liberties except those foolish enough to commit crimes as part of an outfit as violent as the EDL.

    No-one here has expressed any desire for slavery to Allah, for Marxism or Islamofascism. But extremists of all stripes have to deal in cartoon caricatures, because they cannot handle the fact that people hold just about every possible permutation of viewpoint. If one were to break down in numbers the American, British, Israeli or, I dare say, any other, Western people into those that agree with them and those that don't they would be exposed for the utterly marginal cranks that they are. Because real life is a bit different: while I have very strong connections to the US, to Britain and Israel, for the moment I live in a Muslim majority country where FGM is unknown, where the US flag is seen flying on every street, where alcoholism is a greater problem than the threat of sharia and where children go trick or treating for Halloween, a Christian festival. That's reality, one that extremists of all sides cannot bear because it doesn't fit in with their world view. It's one where personal freedoms and liberties belong to us all and where democracy and a free press are part of Western civilization, not one where Conservative elected representatives are threatened for being too left-wing, places of worship are attacked and violence glorified. These people do not protect Western civilization; their dystopia has nothing to offer of more value than that of the Islamists.
    +2 #14 IHTF 2012-12-06 21:20
    Is Tommy Robinson a political prisoner?

    No. He's just an arsehole

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