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    Is Tommy Robinson set to announce a new far right organisation with Gellar and Robert Spencer?

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    Recently defected leader of the English Defence League looks set to start a new far right organisation EDL News according to a right wing American blog.

    Robinson is set to stand with American hate bloggers Pamela Gellar and Robert Spence who run far right counter jihad blog', Atlas Shrugs according to a post on their website.

    On their website they state 

    "Now, over two years later, it is clear to all of us that the best way to proceed is to leave the EDL behind and move forward in new directions. This shows the utter mendacity and bankruptcy of the leftist and Islamic supremacist claim that our support of the EDL demonstrated that we ourselves were racists and fascists -- as if that weren't clear enough already. It also exposes the backstabbing and skullduggery of those in the counter-jihad movement who excoriated us for raising these entirely legitimate concerns. Our struggle in AFDI and SION, which continue to stand with Robinson and Carroll, is now and has always been for the freedom of speech, the freedom of conscience, and the equality of rights of all people before the law. We look forward to working with Robinson and Carroll in the future as we continue this great struggle for freedom."

    Both Gellar and Spencer, who are currently banned from entering the UK, are thought to be two of the twelve membership leaders that have resigned today.  The pair also run the anti-Muslim SIOA/SION & AFDI organisations.

    A lot of the funding for the EDL has been coming from the United States and a huge amount of their Facebook 'likes' are of American origin.

    The blog post can be found here

    More as we get it.

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    edlnews RT @AmyAmylf: @waltonyeah @suswatibasu currently in South America, if freepost works from outside UK, I'll be off down Bogota`s Travis Perkā€¦
    edlnews @bobrey2009 @magicmacca @markfox1950 @LiarMPs aye coz white supremicists doing your tv stuff is always a vote winner #ukip
    edlnews A #Ukip spokesman said: "We are deeply shocked that Mr Lampitt has expressed such repellent views".... We are not....
    edlnews @Trev_Forrester @RTaylor_MEP @FergusMason1 how many of these companies were set up by immigrants who would not touch #ukip with a bargepole?
    edlnews @VoteForUKIP @Bolg_i_am good for you
    edlnews @Steven_Woolfe @Blueault Did anyone discuss the delights of the inhabitants of africa dying of aids? #ukip #AndreLampitt
    edlnews @Trev_Forrester @RTaylor_MEP @FergusMason1 backed up with some dodgy figures
    edlnews @musicalbecki @JoshuaBonehill it is not too clever is it

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