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    Maggie Chapman - The Berwick UKIP Racist

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    • Written by Gary Hasting
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    We have been watching Maggie Chapman for quite a while now, even more so since we have caught her trying to cover up for her friend, Kim Gandy, who we reported on earlier this week.

    Gandy works in a care home and took to Facebook in the evening to tell the world how much she hates the 'old bastards'  and thinks they should be euthanized.  In layman's terms, put to death, because she cannot be bothered to look after them and she thinks they have no use left.

    Here are the words she is defending


    Chapman has been diligently defending her corner and lying on her behalf.  We have forwarded it to Essex County Council for investigation,

    As you will see, on a number of screenshots Chapman claims that the Kim Gandy account was a clone from someone who had it in for her.  It does not however explain why Chapman had been conversing with  the 'cloned' account on a daily basis for the last few months.

    Chapman is an activist for UKIP in Berwick upon Tweed but also hangs with the Scottish Defence League and the Infidels, both of which have strong ties with the National Front and openly neo Nazi group England's Golden Dawn.

    Chapman is currently organising a UKIP event in Berwick for next month


    So lets have a look at some of the posts that have been made on Chapman's Facebook account where she arranges to meet up with the Scottish Defence League for a race hate demo last year.



    Chapman likes a few 'paki jokes'



    And jokes at the expense of the local Muslim community



    And jokes about 'nig nogs' targeting the local black community



    We will contact UKIP in due course to discuss Chapman's further involvement in the political party who are currently under scrutiny by the national papers for their members' racism and extremist views.






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    edlnews @Tom1FL #UKIP loosely pretend not to but it seems they have the support of ex #bnp and the #edl now which says it all really
    edlnews @Tom1FL It is not racist but #ukip's poster campaign is painfully similar to the #BNP's

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