Nazi supporter Mark Hogg, Charlene White and poppy fascism

The English Defence League have been relatively quiet on the lead up to Remembrance Sunday this year partly, we suspect, because one of their own was convicted of vandalizing the Bomber Command war memorial in London last week.

Picture left:  Mark Hogg

As far as we are concerned, our forefathers fought for the right to do whatever we want with a poppy that we have purchased, including the right not to wear one if you so wish.

Meet Peterborough based racist, Mark Hogg, who has been on our pages before for writing a sick poem.  Hogg has also been posting sick porn on our Facebook pages in an attempt to get it closed down and plans to open a charity for schoolgirls abused by Muslims.  Other schoolgirls who are victims of child grooming need not apply.

Hogg has fully embraced Poppy fascism and is now starting a hate campaign against ITV London news reader, Charlene White, for taking advantage of her right not to wear a poppy on screen.

Hogg's issues with women fully come to light as he refers to her a 'slag', a 'bitch' and encourages other far right extremists to harass her over social networking sites

Hogg decides to make it a race issue

Hogg soon loses interest and moves onto his favorite past time, which is racially abusing Pakistanis on the internet.

Whilst Hogg was busy making derogatory statements about Asians, his friends on the far right have been busy abusing Charlene on Facebook and Twitter.

We find nothing more grotesque than people wearing poppies purely so they can bash other people and put on a massive display of grandstanding.  Most people wear their poppies with dignity and respect and do not annually try and turn it into a grotesque circus of racism, jingoism and hatred. 

Now the interesting thing here is, we have a screenshot of Hogg stating that he 'sometimes wished' Hitler had won the second world war which is far more disrespectful to the fallen than a news reader and journalist not wishing to wear a poppy.

Try as we might, we have been through Hogg's wall and not seen one reference to the English Defence League League member who vandalized Bomber Command which is far more disrespectful than Ms White not wearing a poppy on screen because she disagrees with one charity getting more onscreen time that others.

Charlene herself has stated that her father was in the RAF and she donated to the Royal British Legion every year.

That to us makes Charlene far more of a patriot than the likes of Hogg and his neo Nazi friends.

If anyone spots Hogg near a Remembrance Day service in Peterborough this weekend, please ensure to inform the organiser that this moron has been backing Adolf Hitler.

Among other things, EDL News campaigns to stop far right extremists and Hitler enthusiasts hijacking the Royal British Legion's appeal.


+3 #1 MaxKershaw 2013-11-08 21:57
EDL, not racist,not.
+6 #2 Sid 2013-11-09 17:33
This dumb sob egghead again.Hogg looks like his name too.
+9 #3 Len Day 2013-11-11 10:18
Interesting to see that the morons were attacking the BBC despite the fact that Ms White works for ITV, but then what do we expect from the moronic EDL?
+9 #4 christine grace 2013-11-11 20:31
He sounds like racist scum, her dad was in the RAF and she supports the legion but other charities too, it is not a pathetic excuse, however people like HOGG are using this as a PATHETIC excuse for his racism.
-16 #5 Ian purdy 2013-11-12 07:37
This is what is so much of a problem, dick heads like them. They don't seem to get it is a fight against extremist. So they are no better, it is real like they have overhured there dads talking. The EDL had nothing to do with defaceing that monument. That's just properganda. I am in the AA (for cars) and one of there workers killed there wife. That's nothing to do with the as. Like it nothing to do with the EDL. People should really look at what they say. The lady's right to not wear one was as meaningful as wearing one. We fought for freedom not right wing extremist. The EDL is not a radical group as we are against that. People that join are not screened, we just hope people are friendly and strong as we stand alone against the power of properganda against us with the right wing conservative govement telling the BBC what to say (Its called bending the truth). But the sheep will follow as long as the plastic box tells them to. You ask any of them what they think of today's situation , they all give the same answer, because they trust the media. Lol. The EDL and groups like minded are not the problem, but I am not here to convince you. We have had a dads army in the wars before and this is the same. People your country is at war against the radicals not any one els, but they are everywhere and we need a dads army to help. Yes we want to help keep our country. If you have a problem with the way we work get in touch. Only posertive comments even if you disagree.
-2 #6 lou 2013-11-12 18:08
Just for debate the EDL are labled as racist's thugs because of a minority who use the orginiseation to voice there opions, yet in the same case there is a minority of muslims whom use that to justify their crimes (in my opinion worse crimes than anything the EDL have done) and yet if i was to lable all muslim as terrorist (wich i dont) that would be an outragous comment.
is this not one rule for one and not for the other
(Opologise for my spelling)
+2 #7 McCain 2013-11-13 06:51
Your awful arguments and further negated by by your awful command of the English language you treasure
+2 #8 drycider 2013-11-13 07:34
"The EDL had nothing to do with defaceing that monument"

An edl member, sprays "EDL" alongside racial abuse, on a war memorial that only a few months back, other EDL members were seig heiling in front of (one of several, well documented incidents of edl members seig heiling in front of war memorials), and made front page headlines for doing so. That was a few weeks after an edl member walked in a mosque with grenades and a knife.
+3 #9 Nathan 2013-11-13 10:38
Ian Purdy, what the hell are you talking about?
+3 #10 Interested Observer 2013-11-13 11:41
@5 Ian purdy -
You claim to be an English Defence League member, yet have horrible written English. Try getting that right before trying to "defend" it.

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