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edlnews RT @MohammedFa15al: @edlnews Muslim youth: we want justice for the 1,400: #rotherham.....
edlnews @wayne8132 @junayed_ @moronwatch i am with the rest of the country
edlnews @wayne8132 @junayed_ @moronwatch a vast majority of the residents of this country are not fighting each other. it is only the far right
edlnews #urbancamping Read the latest on the EDL's urban camping holiday outside Rotherham cop shop #edl #rotherham
edlnews First two openly neo Nazi 'patriots' turn up at Camp EDL are are welcomed into the cesspit #campedl #edl
edlnews @wtid there is not a lot you can do about him unless you want to sit in a tent all weekend with a load of coke snorting nazis