Three Birmingham Division EDL Members Caught in Anonymous Paedophile Sting

Hactivist group Anonymous have launched a sting operation and have allegedly caught three peadophiles within the Birmingham Division of the English Defence League.

Pretending to be fifteen year old girls, Anonymous contacted the men, also members of Birmingham City’s hooligan firm – the Zulus.


The men made sexual suggestions towards them, asked for naked photos and one tried to arrange a meet, despite it being made clear that the girls they were talking to were underage.

One has a litany of underage looking girls on his Facebook friend’s list.

Anonymous posted the screenshots taken of conversations with the men on doxing site, Pastebin, along with the following message for the far right group and a claim that there was more to come.

Ohaii EDL. You mad yet?

As the EDL are about to hit the streets of Birmingham, we thought it would only be right to let the good people of Birmingham know what kind of filth will be marching around.
>>>EDL Birmingham Division PAEDO LIST<<<

For some strange reason the EDL use “Muslim paedo gangs” as a reason to continue their campaign of hatred. Although the English Defence League seems to be riddled with perverts.. Catching perverts within the Birmingham EDL was like shooting fish in a bucket, it bought some lulz to the table but it wasn’t much of a challenge.. PLENTY MORE TO COME.

The first to be outed was told the girl’s age and went on to to encourage the girl to get drunk, and send naked photos to him. he then tries to meet her at his place for sex.

The second man is the self proclaimed leader of EDL Birmingham Division and also an active member with the Zulu football hooligans. According to Anonymous, he has been busted arranging to have sex with kids numerous times. He also claims he had sex with a 15 year old when he was 21


The third claims to be the boss of the Zulu football hooligan firm. Anonymous hacked his ‘Zulu’ facebook page and expose him in front of his followers. He soon vanished from the internet and in real life. He tried to groom the girl by getting her to go on her webcam.

Going by the username Kim Jon Un and sporting an avatar of the late North Korean Dictator, one anonymous member posted the unredacted screenshots in the hacked Zulu Warriors Facebook group.


Whilst the unredacted screenshots are freely available on the internet, for legal reasons we cannot name the individuals…. yet.

Updated: We contacted Birmingham Division for comment. They tried to claim that none of them have been members of their Division but we have evidence to prove at least one of them is attending this Saturday’s demonstration in Birmingham. They hastily deleted the post further fueling suspicion that the EDL are once again trying to cover up paedophilia within their ranks.



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