Casuals United and Infidels start hate campaign against young female reporter

Meet St Helens based extremist, Ian F Mc Loughlin, from English Defence League splinter group, the North West infidels.

McLoughlin states on Facebook his plans to video the kidnapping and stoning to death of a 19 year old female trainee reporter for the Doncaster Free Press.

Hysteria is being whipped up around far right circles about claims that the reporter had desecrated a war memorial and a video was posted to back it up.

The video shows no such thing but that does not bother the far right. In fact the video clearly shows the EDL throwing flowers at anti fascist protesters whilst the girl is handing flowers out. Not only was the woman they claim was the girl  throwing flowers not throwing flowers, she was also not the girl they are accusing. The woman in the video is about 6 inches taller than her, of a completely different build, and other than having a similar hair colour looks absolutely nothing like her.


This is the video the English Defence Leage do not want you to see. #EDL members throwing memorial flowers at counter protesters

Both the Infidels and Casuals United are co-ordinating the hate campaign from behind their Facebook group encouraging their supporters to harrass the paper and the girl.

The Doncaster Free Press have already cleared her of any wrong doing but now the hate machine is in first gear, none of them was fact to get in the way.

Here are are his threats posting under the name of Flash Mc.

Here are some more threats of violence. Meet Bradford based Andrew Leng

And here is his mugshot which has also been sent to Bradford Police which is where all threats to young women end.

Over on Casuals United’s page more threats are made towards the girl

Meet Greg McKenna who openly boasts that she is going to pay for ‘what she did’

Suffolk Police can find McKenna in Bury St Edmunds.

Carl Morley (who is pictured) below can be found in Taunton


You will have probably met Shane Calvert before as he has a history of targetting women. He instigated the hate campaign from his North West Infidels Facebook group

Calvert lives in Blackburn. We have his address but the local police know where to find him. Calvert is on trial later this year along with four others for allegedly attacking some musicians in Liverpool.

Despite his bail conditions the police seem content to leave him on the streets to harrass people both on and offline.

Meet Mark Holmes who wants to attack her with acid. We are not sure where he is from but we are sure the police can trace him through his Facebook account below and his car registration number which is SN51 XTX.

Meet Stewart Power from Dagenham who wants to see her throat cut


We will be updating this article as and when more threats are made to the girl and will be contacting the relevent authorities to ensure both admins of NWI/Casuals United are held accountable for their actions and those making threats are paid a visit by the authorites.

Update: EDL leader Tommy Robinson has joined in the bullying of the girl and has reweeted her Facebook page to 50,000 followers.


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