Darrell Copeland takes massive beating over pork chop

The English Defence League’s Darrell Copeland has this wierd obsession with travelling down from Milton Keyne’s every weekend to spend time hanging around east London trying to be a hard man and intimidate locals by wearing his tacky EDL hoodie.

This week it has landed him is Derek Fender Corner when one of the locals took exception to a face tattoed fascist hanging around with a pork chop and gave him a severe beating.

Picture left: Darren Copeland got drunk, waved a pork chop around and had his arse handed to him on the pork chop plate.



We are not sure if Muslim Patrol took him down or just some locals who abide with the age old tradition of smashing facists right out of the post code, but he took a pretty bad battering and will be spending this evening in A&E, clogging up our already tightly stretched health care system.


Darrell gets back to Milton Keynes and whines about his whole experience.  Let us remember he went there specifically to wind people us and got his arse handed to him.


We are not sure if he will be going to the Met Police to report this, especially as he went there to commit a raclially aggrevated crime, so we will save him the hassle and do it for him.


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