Uncaring in the Community – Kim Gandy Exposed

It has been over a year since we outed far right extremist Kim Gandy.   In that article we covered her race hate and the fact that she wanted anyone who disagreed with her political extremism executed.

She got the hump with EDL News after we published it and swore revenge though quite how she was going to do that we were unclear on.

After complaining about getting herself screenshot, she forgot she had admitted they were her postings and has been trying since to claim they were faked.  Why we would need to fake them when she provided all the bile is anyone’s guess

As consequence UKIP slung her out of the party for being an extremist.  Gandy responded by trying to claim that UKIP had sent her a letter begging for her to come back. She posted it online  and it turned out to be a generic letter, to all UKIPers, from the party’s database that was sent to all who had not paid for their party membership and were presumed lost.

With the help from our friend, UKIP Mole, we found out that Gandy is working in a care home and her recent posts about work have been disturbing to say the least.  

We are not going to name the Rayleigh based care home until they have had chance to comment on the matter.




 Gandy refers to her patients as ‘demented geriatrics’.




 Gandy refers to a resident with dementia as an ‘old bastard” and advocates the return of asylums for those she cannot be bothered to care for.



 and then takes it to a whole new level of vileness by stating that dementia parents should be put down



 Gandy thinks she has a future in health care







Gandy thinks that the patients were always miserable and get more miserable as they age, she should take a close look at herself in  that case





Gandy describes work as a ‘geriatric hellhole’








Gandy admits that she intimidates her work colleagues





 and it was not long before we saw some of her racism




 and her issues with gay people.


Gandy’s neo Nazi values appear and she states that she would like to see Muslim’s wiped off the face of the earth. Avocation of mass genocide it seems, so we do wonder how many Muslims are under her ‘care’.




 More complaints about ‘old bastards’



 and a racist joke



 Some more gay bashing









 and advocating violence towards those she disagrees with and do not hold her extremist views





 and more neo Nazi ideals where she would like to see people who do not agree with her politically locked up and ‘disappeared’




and has issues with Doreen Lawrence, mother of murdered teenager Stephen Laurence, because she received an award for her work against racism and goes on to refer to her as a ‘parasite’. 




 another rant




 a bit more bigotry




Gandy tries to find her local chapter of Red Watch, a group set up by Ayran Unity and run by Nazis 




 As for exposing us, she has been trying to do this for over a year and failed on every level.  Mainly because we do not hold vile views on other races and elderly and ill people.

Strangely she appeared in the local paper for her support in setting up a group for people suffering with dementia but that does coincide with the time she she was running for the English Democrats.



We have been in contact with the care home in question and await their response.

With thanks to UKIP Mole 


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