EDL Solihull demo declared a disaster

EDL's Matthew PileEnglish Defence League local demos tend to be about local issues that a lot of the community are concerned about so if there was a big problem with Islamic extremism, there should have been a lot of support.

The reality was that not many locals were interested and only 25 EDL members turned up, half of them bussed in from outside the area.

Their credibility took a hit last week when the demo organiser, Matthew Pile (pictured top left) was charged with a racist attack on a bus last year and found himself spread all over the Internet and the West Midlands division of the EDL have been involved in weeks of bickering and infighting.

This is the sight that greeted bemused locals this afternoon when they stumbled across the EDL’s first demo of the year.


Photo courtesy of Levi Stubbs


The EDL’s Adam McDonnagh declared it a disaster



And Mark descrined it as ‘wank’


Leanne Grant described it as awful




We asked the organisers what the demo was about last week but none of them seemed to know and stated that they were raising local awareness about Muslims.

London regional organiser Dave Bolton and Roger Firth 


Leanne Hargreaves aka Emu Puffett with London organiser Dave Bolton

This first disaster of the year does not bode well for the EDL who have hemorrhaged numbers over the last twelve months due to their leader, Tommy Robinson getting locked up for being an illegal immigrant, Kevin Carroll abandoning the sinking ship to become chairman of the British Freedom Party, most of their regional organisers being on police bail and other far right groups distancing themselves from the EDL after Kevin Carroll slagged them off in his Christmas speech.

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