Kevin Carroll’s Christmas Speech Fiasco

As far as Christmas messages go, Kev Carrol’s was a failure from the start and then onwards through every excruciating 45 minutes there after.

With Tommy banged up on a cold dungeon floor in Milton Keyne’s nick, deputy leader, Kev, stood up to the grim task of delivering racists across the country a cheery Christmas message where he attacked every other patriotic group going then complained that he was facing prison.

Timed to co-incide with the Queens speech, this monotonous address was 37 minutes long and was later increased as the video editor was clearly drunk and had forgotten to include a scene where Kev had forgotten to slag some more ‘patriots’ off and tried to justify why Essex Division and Paul Pitt got slung out, without actually explaining why, which took the total length to a tad over 45 minutes.  

This has beaten Tommy’s record by a country mile but much of it can be attributed to him stuttering and repeating himself several times.  If you actually cut that out it would come in a touch under ten minutes which is more in line with that offered by Her Majesty.

In fact it took that long to make you can clearly see night fall outside. No wonder it arrived a week later that promised as it seems to be an editing job of epic proportions. Unedited, it would most likely be akin to watching Das Boot four times over and then watching it once more.

Anyway, down to the content so you do not have to subject yourself to watching it yourself.

Kev starts by claiming it had been a fantastic year and they had achieved so much.  If you call dire demo numbers, infighting, divisions leaving, the removal van fiasco and Tommy getting himself banged up successful, he may have a point.

A massive fight has been raging recently which lead to a huge split in the south east. Kev launches into an attack on other patriots, naming the South East Alliance (or South East Arseholes as Kev refers to them as) as his number one bug bear.  The SEA are a splinter group of the EDL who pretend they are not a splinter group of any group.  Run by sacked regional organiser Paul Pitt, it is mainly a collection of middle aged insecure men who were formerly the banished Essex Division and the EDL’s last stronghold in the South.

Kev calls for unity within the far right, except all the spliter groups who he does not like and refers to them as muggy mushroom’s, arseholes and delusional wierdos during his rant.

He also takes a pop at the English Volunteer Force, a collection of halfwits who wear their underpants on their heads so they can adopt the Mexican wrestler look.  Also in his firing line are Britain’s Golden Dawn which gets him muddled as he refers to them as ”sons of Egypt’.

Also on Kev’s Winterval shit list is Jim Dowson (pictured left) from the Britain First Party who he describes as a clown and a muggy mushroom.  Kev is arsed off that Jim is ripping off his own supporters which Kev wishes to rip off himself because he is skint and Jim is not.  This massive rip off bitch fight has been rumbling on for rather a while now and shows no sign of slowing down as papers have allegedly been issued on the British Freedom Party. Kev declares that he is mugging them off because they are mugs and encourages his supporters to ‘jog them on’.

Kev claims that 50% of his death threats come from Nazis and he does not like them despite many of them turning up on their demos and allowing the neo Nazi leader of their Millwall Division turn up to their demos. Hardly an EDL demo has gone by this year without at least one ‘patriot’ pulling a Hitler salute.

Moving onto the support group issue, ie Hel Gower (pictured right), who many EDL ‘patriots’ cannot stand, Kev tries to convince his audience that Gower is not responsible for the vast amount of fuck ups which have been attributed to her. It is common knowledge that Gower has some pretty serious shit on Tommy and Kev so it looks like he had been instructed to try and clear her name by the woman herself. A lost cause from the start as Hel’s main job is to post scare stories on their Support group claiming that if Muslims get in control, pigs will be swinging from every lamp post on every street corner and decent patriots will no longer be able to have a bacon sarnie and Stella Artois  breakfast before they embark on a hard day of being racist.

Hel often organises a lot of grassing according to many and Kev states that over half the regional organisers are on police bail for the removal van job which went horribly wrong and it is fucking up the leadership somewhat. 

Next on the agenda is Tommy who he claims was moved out of Bedford Prison to Milton Keynes in the back of a taxi because the inmates were threatening to kill him.

He also claims all of the white prisoners were banging on the doors of their cells shouting EDL but we are not sure how Tommy knows this as they keep telling us that he was lying on a cold dungeon floor in isolation.  This is possibly the biggest colossal load of bull shit we have seen from the hapless Kev since he nearly got slotted by a jogger with an umbrella.

He claimed they can jail Tommy but the EDL are never going to go away. A bit late for that as most of the EDL have already gone away down to leadership paranoia and Hel Gower alienating them.

He then goes on to praise the hundreds of EDL members who are in jail for acts of violence, terrorism, racism and noncery and goes on to reveal that he is looking at jail himself and has to answer bail in February, then details last week’s Winterval police bust where he got his loft kicked to pieces by over zealous sniffer dogs..

Kev whines about how skint he is and how he would not wish his leadership job on his worst enemy and details how, twice before Christmas, he got into a fight in a shopping centre. He then claims people have being trying to shoot him and stab him and thanks the mysterious Rob who saved him from an imaginary attack whilst out campaigning for his failed election attempt in November.

Kev goes on to tell people they should go and get on with stuff without having to ask Kev for permission so Yorkshire Division decided to rewrite the EDL’s mission statement which included deporting all Muslims and closing all Mosques down despite Kev stating earlier that he was only against extremists. What could possibly go wrong?



Kev finished his speech by disappearing and reappearing to say ‘ho ho ho’, disappearing again and reappearing in a Santa hat with flashing lights before the whole sorry affair is over and done with. This was quite possibly some of the worst video editing we have seen.

His rants about every other patriot groups undermines his previous statement about uniting and with the little fella banged up, he seemed to be drowning in shite and buckling under the pressure of the infighting, bickering and having to use his brain.

Whilst the Queen delivered her speech in a calm and collected way, Kev delivered his as a paranoid, edgy and nearly broken man who knows his time at the ‘top’ is nearly over. Her Madge is clearly going to be around a lot longer than Kev.

He know he has lost the south of England and wants to strengthen in the north and has even had Snowy and Diddyman grovelling to him and vowing to attend their Manchester demo in February. This is most likely because the Infidels have died a disorganised mess, got infested in Hitler enthusiasts and ‘Year of the Infidel’ did not really take off the ground, much like a removal van does not get very far off the ground unless run off a cliff.

Whether all the Infidels will be back after he has slagged off all the splinter groups is anyone’s guess.  According to Infidel Danny Ellis, that ain’t going to happen so 2013 is set to be more of the same with less Tommy.



If you really have nothing better to do, the whole disorganised mess can be seen here.

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