Doubt cast over EDL Tweet

EDL News has examined the evidence for the ‘EDL #Newtown’ tweet.

Although the tweet looked genuine enough and came as no surprise to any seasoned EDL watcher, it was when Jason Willman released his ‘video evidence’ that we became suspicious. The URL shown took us to a Twitter ‘page not found’ message, which is only to be expected if the rogue admin had deleted it.

However, when EDL News investigated the actual URL further, it turns out that it was an Official EDL URL, but from something posted on September 1st around 6.00PM.

Twitter URLs are issue sequentially and all tweets posted on the night in question (14 December) started with the numbers /2797. The URL claimed by Jason Willman starts with /2419 which is from the beginning of September. To demonstrate this, look at the URL of this Justin Beiber tweet. It starts with /2419 just as the ‘claimed’ tweet does.

As can be seen, this tweet is from a good three and a half months before last Friday’s shootings.

Why is EDL News doing the EDLs legwork? 

Because we have always been scrupulous about accuracy in our reporting and fake screenshots undermine everybody’s good work. We are not saying that the tweet was not made by the EDL then quickly deleted, but what we are saying is that the URL evidence is definitely fake which throws doubt on the tweet itself.

However, there is no doubt being cast over the following Tweet which confirms the EDL are white supremacists 

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