EDL coward Luke Hartshorne bullies child

We regularly come across some major cowards in the English Defence League.  Last month we covered Garry Rogers and exposed his hate campaign against a single Muslim mum and her young daughter (article at bottom).

Women and children seem to be a favourate target for these cowards, echoing their close resemblance to the Taliban and their ilk.

In this case we came across Bloxwich Division member of the failed street movement, Luke Hartshorn, who proudly boasts about how he has spent this afternoon at work bullying a small child.

We spoke to one of his ‘mates’ who told us he is basically a coward and loves posting rubbish on Facebook about getting into ‘situations’ with ‘niggers’ and ‘pakis’. The truth of the matter is, very little of it is true, and he is commonly known as ‘an internet hard man’.  She also informed us the police battered him at the Walsall demo last month and he is forever whining about his dislocated finger.

His mate was kind enough to go screenshooting on his Facebook wall.




 Hartshorne describes some Doc Martin style boots as ‘paki kickers’




 The halfwit vows he is willing get arrested for his right to randomly abuse Muslims and bully children




Hartshorne is racist at work but he will be dismayed to know that we have been told who his employers are and he will very shortly be under investigation.




Many of you recently read an article on this site about the EDL abusing another child , 15 year old Malala Yousafzai who was shot in the head by the Taliban for campaigning for women getting an education.

You would have thought that the EDL would have embrace this brave young girl as she is fighting for what they are fighting for.  Not Hartshorne of course, who refers to her as a ‘cunt’.  


and this needs no introduction



There are some vile individuals in the EDL and those that bully children are bang up there with the various nonces that have been outed in the organisation. So let it be known, if that is your cowardly game you will be on this website for all and sundry to Google your name.

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