Free Tommy Demo – A dismal day outside Wandsworth nick

Lacette BrooksBeing a damp and dreary day, there were not too many smiley faces among the 100 or so that had gathered opposite Wandsworth prison to protest against the incarceration of career criminal Tommy Robinson.  We sent Melissa Andrews down to check out the failed street protest movement and see what they were up to.

It has been a while since I have been to an English Defence League demo. The last one I went to was Bolton where a few thousand turned up.

There used to be a buzz about it, now it is more like a wake, than the ‘fastest growing street movement’.

Yesterday was billed as an ‘International Day of Action’ but we have seen more action in an old people’s home.

According to the EDL thousands were going to protest outside British Embassies, all over the world, but the only evidence we have seen are four racist Germans in Berlin.

When I turned up, many were already drunk after spending lunchtime in the Windsor Castle and the Falcon in Clapham Junction.  Many were wandering around aimlessly in the rain with cans in their hands whilst a poor quality sound system was blaring out dreadful music by Alex and the Bandits.

I was herded behind the railings with the EDL lot where I stayed for the entire sorry affair.

One surprising attendee was neo Nazi Joanne Dickens who vowed never to go back to London after she got drunk and fell out of a bus in Whitechapel and had to be rescued by a Muslim gentlemen. Dickens has since been seen pulling Nazi salutes on a Al Jazeera about the failed street movement.

Millwall Division leader and neo Nazi, Trudie Toker was also there. She has a conviction for turning up at a school in Croydon and threatening to kill the black children and claimed on her Facebook page that she is only a member of the EDL so she can be racist. She also hates Jews with a passion.


Above: Neo Nazi Trudie Toker

Another nazi sympathiser in attendance was Lacette Brooks who has known links to Redwatch and likes to post photos of ‘n*gger execution machines’ on her Facebook wall. 

On the subject, we are wondering which of the three sent a photo of an EDL steward to Redwatch after she was outed as a ‘Jew’. Her name and photo were plastered all over the site in a clear act of intimidation. 

We have disguised her identity as she may want to have a think about whether, as a Jew, it is a great idea to hang around with far right extremists who post her photos to a site which encourages violence against them.



After some more dreadful music had blared, dull and uninspiring speeches were made by Mark Dunbarr and Debbie Lawson about how Tommy was a political prison, without mention of the fact that he is locked up for breaking the law.

Hel Gower was in attendance with a face like a slapped arse and tried to claim she had Tommy on the phone, though how she managed that when the prison was on lock down and Tommy was confined to his cold dungeon in the basement of the nonce wing was anyone’s guess.

A surprising end to the day was when one EDLer announced she was to quit the EDL and convert back to being a Muslim which left meathead boyfriend and drug dealer, Kevin ‘one shirt’ Smith, in a bit of a quandary and his Facebook friends started to drop him like a hot potato.

This has resulted in Smith surrendering and quitting the EDL under a barrage of abuse.



During the time I was with them, I noticed was that no media had bothered to turn up giving their International day of Action’ zero publicity.  There were only about 25 police officers there but there were larger numbers waiting in the back streets in case it kicked off.

All in all, this was not a good day for the English Defence League.  They have gone from being the fastest growing street movement with demos attracting thousands of racists but can now only get around a hundred to demonstrate in support of their leader.  The EDL are truly down to around 100 members and the same old faces are at every demo.

They have also reached new lows today by outing one of their own stewards to neo Nazi intimidation websites for being too Jewish.

I left the demo after a dreadful drunken rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ (which we doubt Tommy heard) to find a pub and a warm up and to wonder why they still bother.

And finally a post on the EDL’s nearly dead Facebook page

Cheers, Mel.

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