Tommy Robinson behind bars until at least May 2013

English Defence League leader, Tommy Robinson, will be spending life behind bars until at least May according to his PA, Hel Gower.

Robinson was arrested as part of an alleged plot to transport 53 balaclava clad racists into east London to attack a mosque, under the cover of a furniture removal van.  

All 53 were bailed apart from Robinson who was charged with a separate incident of entering the United States illegally by using someone else’s passport and assault.

Coupled with his suspended sentence due to assaulting a British servicemen, this has flagged him as a flight risk and release until his trial in may  is unlikely.

The organisation is currently under the leadership of Kevin Carroll who is currently trying to fight an election for Bedfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner which came off the rails two weeks ago when he himself was arrested in connection with the same plot.

Passport fraud carries a maximum term of ten years in prison.

The English Defence League have tried to claim Robinson is being held in a cell in the basement without any heating and in terrible conditions in order to extract more money from their members for his legal fund.

There is still a very real possibility that Robinson could see himself extradited to the United States for trial but whichever way, he will be off the far right scene for the foreseeable future.



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