CxF lie to further drag the Poppy Appeal through the mud

Shopped image of CxF in full flowLast week we reported the appalling abuse the Combined ex Forces dished out to some Asian poppy sellers on their Facebook page.  These fellas has raised £20,000 for the Royal British Legions.

This makes us wonder why the CxF are not out there selling poppies themselves. That would probably mean having to do some  work so instead, they prefert cruise around Liverpool raking up muck about a 15 year old girl who was allegedly abused by Muslims for selling poppies and generally being a nuisance at the tax payers expense.


The wheels fall off their story when you take a quick look at the RBL website and it states that you have to be at least 16 years of age to sell poppies and 18 in the London area.

The fact that their ranks are riddled with Nazis would probably disqualify them and make the Royal British Legion run a mile anyway.

This is what the oddballs have been up to this week.

The week started off slowly for our work dodgers so they decided to abuse some Asian guys who raised £20,000 for the RBL by refering to them as ‘scum’ and ‘thieves’ which was particularly ironic considering someone put them up for the night at the weekend after their disastrous demo in Liverpool.  All very well but one of them stole a camera from their host.



Bored with abusing Asian poppy sellers on their Facebook page, a lie was concocted about poppy sellers getting abused by market stall holders in Liverpool and an allegation was made that a 15 year old girl was assaulted.  This was not reported to the police and instead, they tried to claim that they went to the CxF first.

Our contact within the RBL tells us that they do not use the CxF for their security and want nothing to do with the group. They also told us that one of their biggest problems was the far right trying to highjack their charity.



They then went and saw BBC Radio Merseyside who did an interview with them. It was not broadcast as no one believed them.



They then went to the Liverpool Echo and when the reporters found out they were CxF they were told to sling their hooks.



Not to be deterred and determined to try and find someone to believe their story, they went to Merseyside Police who do not appear to have taken them seriously. They also contacted the Daily Mail who told them they do not deal with right wing extremist groups.


Meanwhile, Mike CxF Moseley had managed to sneak himself into a poppy appeal launch.



 They then went to the Mayor’s office and hung around until they we fobbed off and went away happy.



In the next picture we can show you CxF still hanging around the market. Look at the highlighted bit in the screenshot.



The CxF are currently embarking on a harassment campaign on the Liverpool Echo’s Facebook page for refusing to print their story.  

Ironic really because the only people to have been proven to harass poppy sellers are the CxF themselves.

So you maybe wondering where the source of these rumours came from. Well they are from a friend of a friend on Facebook and were first posted on neo Nazi and white supremacist website, Stormfront.



Finally someone had the gumption to phone the police and it seems like they have all been taken for a ride.




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