EDL turn their poison on 14 year old anti Taliban activist Malala Yousafzai

Reaching new lows in their foulness, English Defence League members have turned on 14 year old anti Taliban blogger, Malala Yousafzai, describing her as ‘a piece of shit’ an ‘it’ and  ‘free loading trash’.

The schoolgirl has been in the news recently because she has been campaigning for the right for women to have a proper education in her native Pakististan.  She has previously blogged for the BBC but this was to be her downfall, as an assassination attempt was made on her life whilst she was on her way to school.

She was unfortunately shot in the head and is in a serious condition with a brain injury.

She has acheived a lot in her short life, bringing worldwide attention to women’s rights in Taliban controlled areas and provoking massive anti Taliban protests in Karachi.

The Daily Mail reported this morning that she is to be flown to the UK for specialist treatment to try and save her life, funded by the Pakistani government.  She has since been flown to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham to be treated alongside injured soldiers.

This however has angered the English Defence League ‘Angels’ Division run by Hel Gower and the following poison was dripping from their Facebook group this morning.




Other members described her as ‘a piece of shit’ and a ‘scumbag’




Here is Ware based racist, Lillian Wier.




Meanwhile Arthur Disbury aka Tony Davis stated that she would go on to give birth to ‘terrorists’.



 Extremist Disbury pictured below



Meanwhile Exeter based racist Mark McGowan wished her assassins better luck next time




McGowan’s Facebook profile



We thought the EDL would support this girl. Afterall, she is fighting Islamic extremists, the same group that the EDL claim they are fighting.

Alas, they are so hate filled they do not seem to be able to see past her colour and heritage, proving once again that they have no interest in opposing extremism, just brown people. 

Any claims that the EDL support human rights and rights for women were shot down this morning by their own admin team and members.

A backlash from non EDL groups appeared on the post and four hours later a statement was made announcing those involved in the backlash were now banned from the group.  Not surprisingly, the hate filled racist posts featured above remained on the thread.

If you wish to send your support to Malala, you can do so here on Hope not Hate’s website.

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