The lies of Tommy Robinson

During the last video rant released by English Defence League leader, Tommy Robinson, he claimed that the police had his passport and he had no money.  In fact so much has been made on the EDL’s Facebook wall this week of the fact that they have no money and the appeals for donations, we and many on the far right were suprised to discover that Tommy had gone to New York to make a speech at a 9/11 conference in the United Nations.

We can dispel the claim as a blatant lie as it turned out that they were staying at a hotel situated near the United National called the UN Plaza Hotel and his speech was given to a small bunch of far right zionists including Pamela Geller in one of the function rooms.

Here is a bit about the event from Hope not Hate which had nothing to do with the UN or even took part at the UN.

SION: Stop Islamization of Nations Congress New York City

Founded January 2012 as an umbrella network of counter-jihadist organisations across Europe and the United States, which includes Stop Islamisation of Europe (SIOE) and Stop Islamization of America (SIOA). SION has pledged to publicise ‘the names of politicians, academics, journalists, artists and their networks that promote the Islamization of Western policy and culture’. SION is organising an inaugural International Freedom Defense Congress in New York on 11 September 2012.


One of the attendees, Swedish artist Lars Vilks, gave a  lengthy interview published in the Aftonbladet newspaper last Thursday, Vilks defended his decision to speak at the SION event. “If the Ku Klux Klan had invited me, I would have gone,” he told the paper.

More here from Loonwatch


As part of Robinson’s YouTube video rant, he spent five minutes slating British National Party leader Nick Griffin for claiming he was being funded by zionists.  Looking at the attendees of the conference, it is a whos who of anti Muslim zionists. Tommy took to Twitter to claim that the trip was paid for, meaning Griffin is vindicated in his claims.

Even more intruging is the fact that in September 2010, Robinson travelled over to the United States to attend a 9/11 event with other far right extremists. Upon arrival he was detained at John F Kenedy airport for several hours, refused entry and was then deported. No doubt due to his links with the far right and his lenghty criminal record, which has increased significantly since then with a spell on remand in the UK, a conviction for assault and three days inside a Swiss prison for a rooftop protest that went wrong.

One explanation is someone in high places has pulled strings for Robinson to enter the country. Robinson claimed on Twitter last night that he was sat next to New York State Senator David Storobin.



 It has been a busy week for Tommy, first a  trip to New York and this weekend he attended an anti Muslim convention in Florence to give a speech about Islam.



 We are not sure who paid for this particular trip but amusingly, Tommy took to Twitter to claim that whilst there, we was awarded the little known  ‘prestigious’ Oriana Fallaci Memorial Award.  Fallaci was an Italian journalist and Islamophobe. The British Freedom Party were reporting the ‘prestigious’ award like it was a Nobel Peace Prize citing that there were human rights activists from all over the world present which we find a little strange considering one of the British Freedom Party’s main policies is to abolish the human rights act.

This leaves many questions unanswered. Who did pay for an expensive trip for the trio, considering they are claiming to be broke.  Did this Zionist organisation pay for them, proving Griffin correct and Robinson as a man who is happy to go on video and lie to his supporters?

The lies about his passport were obviously just that and designed to mislead his supporters and gain him sympathy and support.

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