Mike Mosley – CxF Nazi Exposed

A few weeks ago the Daily Star wrote a piece on the North West Nationalists and referred to the Combined ex Forces as a Nazi organisation.

This induced much nashing of teeth from the CxF and Second in Command, Paul James, threatened a boycott of the Daily Star and also threatened legal action.

It did not take much digging around to discover one of the main players in the Combined ex Forces is a fully fledged neo Nazi.

The Combined ex Forces have proven for a while that they are not too fussy about who they hang around with.

Going to demos with the National Front has been their preferred MO recently, a group that applied to have a march in Aberdeen to celebrate Adolf Hitler’s birthday.

The march was refused on grounds of taste and the fact that there is nothing less English or Scottish than celebrating the birthday of a mass murdering tyrant who tried to destroy this country.

Here is a leaked photo of the CxF’s second in command, Paul James aka Paul Walsh  at the National Front meeting on Thursday night


One of the more surprising things is that CxF member Mike Mosley served in the Falkland Islands and has a pathological hatred for Argentines which make it all the more baffling that he is also a supporter of the British National Party, who have this week announced that they are putting forward Carlos Cortiglia as their London Mayoral candidate.

Unable to find an English man to put forward, the BNP announced that they had found an ‘Italian’ willing to stand. This was another massive lie as he turned out to be Uruguayan whose sympathies lay with Argentina during the Falklands War. A war Mosley claimed he fought in. Cortiglia even offered to take up arms for Argentina.

So if hanging round and supporting enemies of the country was not bad enough, Mosley turned out to be an admirer of Adolf Hitler. 

EDL News went screenshooting on his Facebook page where his allegiances (or lack of) to this country became painfully clear.

Mosley’s interests and activities list the National Front, British fascist Oswald Mosley, the German Nazi Party and British comedy fascists, the Infidels. He is thought to be the driving force behind the newly formed Liverpool National Front which has emerged from their local British National Party.

Paul James was also present at the Natioanl Front formation meeting last night according to his Facebook status update.



We found a collection of images on his Facebook wall involving adoration of Hitler and White Power movements




Mosley makes his true Nazi credentials known with this post



And further more with this post which he endorses forced repatriations



One Million United have already done a fair bit of digging around on our Hitler licking friend and came up with this 



So the next time Paul James starts moaning about accusations of running a group with neo Nazi leanings, maybe you would like to point him to this article and ask him, as second in command, why does he allow a known Nazi in the ranks who stands in support of everything thousands of British lost their lives fighting.

UPDATE: Adolf Mosley reacted rather badly to us exposing his nefarious activities and posted the following Facebook status update. Credit must go to one of his new National Front comrades who really do not like the fact that he is ex Army.

Whilst it says EDL News on the tin, if you are a far right extremists, you are fair game whatever you decide to call yourselves.



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