EDL’s Simon Scott threatens George Galloway

EDL Ossett Division's Simon ScottWe are visiting some old territory today. EDL Simon Scott was featured in Derek Fender Corner last September for claiming he was going to steal a pig, put it on a leash and parade it in front of a Mosque.  Scott is now dating Plymouth Ebay fraudster Hayley Wells.

Scott, from Ossett, West Yorkshire is unsurpisingly a massive racist. As well as the EDL, he is involved in far right extremists groups like the National Front and Combat 18. He is also in charge of the EDL’s Ossett Division.

 When he is not spouting his race hate on Facebook, he is making online threats towards George Galloway.

He also explains how he wants to rip the skin from Muslims and pour salt on the wounds and how he would set fire to a ‘Paki’ if one were to try and sit next to him on a bus.

Whilst the idiocy of his pig plan was rather amusing, his postings since has taken a more sinister twist as he makes endless threats against the Muslim community . These screenshots are all taken in the last month. We have not dug back any further.  We have however reported his posts to West Yorkshire Police.



Scott explains how he dreams about ‘kicking the shit out of pakis’ when he goes to sleep




Scott is refused a crisis loan. He is skint after visiting Wells in Plymouth last week.  The fact that he does not qualify is apparently the fault of the Asian man dealing with it. Scott makes some thinly veiled threats towards him and refers to him as a ‘paki twat’. He then refers to Asians as ‘animals’




 The first thing on his mind in the morning is hate and violence.



And he has a new chant which targets all Asians.



Simon is not too bright, he thinks that Muslims have a flag and he wants to burn it 



And  another hate filled rant threatening the Muslim community.



Scott wants to peel back the skin of Muslims, then throw salt on the wounds   



Even taking a long coach trip to see Wells in Plymouth sets him off on a hate rant where he envisages throwing petrol over a Muslim and burning one if he is seated next to one. 



Scott is rather cozy with right wing extremists, the National Front. 



Scott’s EDL credentials



When he tries to claim he is not EDL and the EDL will claim he is not EDL, the tattoo on the back of his neck dispels that myth.


And Scott’s Combat 18 credentials




When racists get outed on EDL News they usually panic and delete their profile and posts. However, nothing actually gets deleted from Facebook servers so here is his profile ID https://www.facebook.com/#!/scotty7572

Anyone who wants this racist and violent filth removing from Facebook and the perpetrator removing from decent society is urged to report it to the Met Police’s online hate crime page. The Met Police will pass this onto West Yorkshire Police. Click here.

If Mr Galloway would like the screen shots of the threats we are happy to pass them onto him.

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