EDL’s Paul Scully Sloane gets ‘Pork Chops’ tattooed on his arm

EDL Telford Division's Paul Scully SloaneIt has been a busy day in Derek Fender Corner. This morning we brought you the drunken car crash that was the EDL’s Cornish Division, this evening we are proud to present you with Telford Division member Paul Scully Sloane.

The EDL have a weird obsession with pork, bacon and all things porcine. They are under the belief that Muslims will explode when looking at or coming into contact with any pig based products (or overweight, pissed up ‘patriots wearing pig masks.)

Not long ago we brought you an EDLer who wanted to hang around outside a Mosque with a pig on a lead.

This would only have ended badly as the EDLer would have got injured by the pig and the Muslims would have simply looked at him like he was a massive prat and walked round the pig to gain access to their place or worship.  Result? Pig and Muslims 1 – EDLer 0.

EDLer Paul Scully Sloane decided to go one step further to protect himself against creeping sharia law, halal, mosques, groomers, head sawers and taxis. Sloane decided to get pork chops tattooed on his arm with a big tacky red cross.

Will it wash off when he grows up? No. Will it cost him a lot of money to get it lasered off? Quite likely. When his grand children ask him why he has pork chops tattooed on his arm, will he feel a massive prat? Most definitely.

EDL News has sent Sloanes’ tattoo pic to the Shropshire Police so they can have a good laugh at him.



Update 041412: Scully is making plans to attack the British Museum becasue they have a Muslim art display.

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