The Daily Star, The EDL and their Thirst for a New Holocaust

For the English Defence League, Adam Chaudary's fringe group 'Muslims Against Crusades' (MAC)  are an integral part of their survival. MAC thrive on controversy and the EDL provide that for them. And without MAC, the EDL would have no fringe groups to point at to justify their hate. They are both the flip side of a rather hateful coin.

Yesterday the Daily Star published an article about Islamic extremists claiming part of towns and cities as Sharia Controlled Zones. What they failed to print is the fact that MAC and their like are largely ignored and have no public support amongst Muslims and non-Muslims alike. In fact, if it were not for the EDL, this bunch would be even more anonymous and ignored.

Interestingly the story was pulled from the Daily Star's website at 11.30am on Sunday but a cut and paste of the story can be found here. Recently the Star have dropped their public support for the EDL after a public outcry and a threat to their sales figures but The Daily Star and it's stable mate, the Daily Express, have continued the drip drip of anti-Muslim sensationalised stories which the EDL thrive on. This came to a head earlier this year with the resignation of Richard Peppiatt, a star reporter who admitted the paper made stories up in order to spread anti-Muslim propaganda.

One can only wonder if the story was pulled by orders of Richard Desmond who was said to be unhappy when the paper's Editor, Dawn Neeson, flirted with the right wing extremist group earlier this year. Maybe in these times of increased press scrutiny, Desmond thought it pertinent to pull the story if there was any doubt to it's authenticity.

Inevitably, this story has caused many hate filled outbursts amongst the ranks of the EDL with calls for genocide, mass deportations and a return of the gas chambers for Muslims. These comments are taken from the EDL Official Facebook page on Sunday 10th July, 2011.

If there was any doubt whatsoever that the EDL is full of extremists who love nothing more than spouting far right Nazi rhetoric, this is surely dispelled below. 


Mark PureFilth Loughton i support a muslim holocaust… to see these fuckers in camps starving to death is my dream :-)
4 hours ago ·  7 people

John Johnson What planet are these cunts on, We need to start burning anything that has the name islam in it.

4 hours ago ·  4 people

Tomislav Andric white power

4 hours ago ·  3 people

Chris Wilkinson Soon as this come too my area im quiting my job !!!! No way am i paying taxes too these black dirty fucking rats !

4 hours ago ·  3 people

Danny Blackburn And the media still deny Enoch Powell was right.

4 hours ago ·  2 people

John Johnson Muslis want a war with us they know its stiring up trouble so the goerment should let us just go and kick fuck out of em, if its a war they want then a war they shall have, Bring back Enoc powell, Trust me people rivers of blood is coming soon, So sit back goverment and let us brits sort out your fuck up… I want to take a couple of muslims home just so i can watch them burn in the back garden…….

4 hours ago ·  7 people

Billy Hollingsworth this is what they do! they exist purely to dominate whichever country they're in, you can't reason with them, the only way to deal with them is by force

4 hours ago

John Johnson And i would also burn all the UAF supporters,that wont take long though consindering there is about 3 of em in total………….

4 hours ago ·  2 people
This one thinks Islam is a country.

Paul Matthews Fucking bullshit if they can do it to 1 part o f the street they can do more, i will walk through this zone with a fag and a beer plus a england flag, taking the piss this time, if they want a zone they can fuk off back to islam dirty cunts!

4 hours ago ·  2 people

Rita Lazzari-Willan are there loads of these posters over central london? who the hell do they think they are? fkin cameron and the rest of em want blowing up along with the filthe they have let in!
4 hours ago

Daniel Longmate should replace all those posters with a st george flag lol saying EDL controlled zone no muslims

4 hours ago ·  7 people

Hanna Weiss Muslims must be deported from UK ASAP, no other option left. This is a Christian-Judeo country and has no place for Muslim Sharia law. Muslim scums, you have 2 options, coz we British are kind to you: assimilate or get out of UK, and if you do not leave, you must be deported….we are not tolerating you crap and Sharia nonsense any more!nfse!

4 hours ago ·  5 people

Philip Mickle God save the queen. Fuk Islam britain is ours an always will be, go back 2 ur own country you soap dodgers

4 hours ago ·  1 person
I think he means the Koran.

Steve Mason Can anyone get hold of one of those posters and send it to me and the karon thing so I can burn them both an ill put it on YouTube

3 hours ago ·  2 people

Jenny Mann well said mark! can nt believ thats up!!! disgraceful! get the fuckin muzzys out!!

3 hours ago ·  1 person

Ryan Flavell like the guy said in the 3rd comment,make some giant cross stamps and stamp everyone you see,pigs blood a good idea,nice and red.NS

3 hours ago ·  2 people
This guy like most EDL knows sod all about British history. We went to war on 3rd September 1939 in response to the German invasion of Poland, not to keep us free from foreign rule. He has probably the worst punctuation I have seen by an EDLer so far, which reads almost like a telegram. 

Ian Johnson On September 9th 1939 this country. Went to war with germany so we would stay free from foreign. Rule. And oppression. Thousand of service. Men and women died for us to stay free 72 years later muslims are doing what hitler failed. To do and are government. Are not stopping them or hearing the people. They reprosent

2 hours ago ·  6 people

Tristan Norfolk Let's just stick up posters of our own christain controlled zone! Any rule breaks by barbaric far east militants shall be stoned to death

2 hours ago

Chunkamunka Harrison Fucking smelly little jungle rats! How the fuck do they think they can do this!?!? This is fucking ENGLAND! Not which ever Islamic country they come from so go fucking pack ur rags and fuck off somewhere else!

2 hours ago

Proud British i agree with ^^^ fuking smelly rats

2 hours ago ·  1 person

J-mann Combo Crowther makes me sick, wipe them all out. England prevails

about an hour ago

With Thanks to Ed Wood for compiling the comments and Isolde Tredegar for the Daily Star screenshot

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