Kevin Carroll

Kevin Carroll is currently interim leader of the English Defence League whilst leader Tommy Robinson is on remand for alleged passport offences after being charged with entering the United States on someone else’s passport to attend a race hate conference with American far right extremists.

He is also deputy leader of the British Freedom Party and is standing in the 2012 Police and Crime Commission election in November.

Carroll has a long history of racial hatred towards Muslims and during his election campaign, he has described Muslims as ‘backward savages’ which goes against his pledge that everyone in the country will be treated equally if he is elected.



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Bedfordshire PCC candidate Kevin Carroll describes Muslims as backward savages


As of October 2012, Carroll is on police bail and under investigation into involvement in a plot to transport 53 balaclava clad members of the English Defence League in a removal van to east London, where they were allegedly on their way to attack a Mosque.

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Tommy Robinson and 53 EDL supporters held after Police Motorway Sting

Along with Robinson, Carroll spent three days in a Swiss jail and was fines £3000 for trespass after a stunt on the roof of FIFA headquarters in Zurich lead to their arrests.

Carroll was effectively declared deputy  leader by Tommy Robinson (Stephen Yaxley Lennon) after their Dudley demonstration in July 2012, claiming that Carroll would have final say in decisions. In addition to being a leader he is also Tommy’s cousin.

He was the main figure in the television show Young British And Angry in which a journalist studies the early days of the  English Defence League. 

He signed the nomination papers for BNP’s Robert Sherrat. Incidentally Sherrat was also a member of the Neo Nazi November  9th Society. Carroll has been charged with Public Order Offences.



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