EDL ‘charity’ collection at Luton has racist BNP links

Nothing is ever simple with the English Defence League. During their ‘protest’ in Luton this Saturday, the EDL Angels will be showing the organisations ‘softer’ side by collecting on behalf of forces charities. I assume the idea being cough up, support our troops, get blitzed, fight anything that moves and scream religious hatred till you get nicked. I guess the concept being a pre-emptive abolition of a full schedule of sins. But even then, when the choices of noble, legitimate respected forces charities on offer to use disingenuously are in abundance, Helen Gowers angels plump for the only one controversially linked to a racist political party.

“Soldiers off the street” were first picked up by NOTHING BRITISH, an organisation dedicated to challenging the British National Party’s attempt to link patriotism with extreme nationalism.

“A former BNP member is facing questions about his political past after setting up an organisation to help homeless ex-soldiers. Soldiers Off The Street (SOTS) was founded earlier this year by the BNP’s former Welsh secretary Bill Murray and his wife Marie.Despite the couple’s previous political involvement there is no mention of the party on the SOTS website”.


“Bill Murray, director of SOTS, has always claimed he has “no connection” to the far-right. However, as we have previously written, he is yet to come clean on what the exact nature of his relationship is with number of groups including the Defence Leagues and the BNP.

Three weeks ago Nothing British obtained a print out of a leaked email that was sent in August 2009 allegedly by Murray. The email was send to over 200 BNP regional addresses asking for help and support in promoting SOTS.

His Facebook account shows he remains “friends” with a number of high profile BNP officials including Simon Darby, the party’s deputy-chairman.

The Racial Volunteer Force, the violent neo-Nazi group which splintered from Combat-18, has posted internet links with Soldiers off the Street, the BNP-linked homeless veterans organisation, on its website.

The RVF is a rabidly racist organisation that regularly promotes hatred of non-whites and Jews. In the past its magazine has featured anti-Jewish articles with headlines such as “Roast A Rabbi”. Another edition featured bomb-making instructions and praise of the Soho bomber David Copeland, who was jailed for life for murder after attacks targeting the gay community and ethnic minorities in London”.


When SOTS was linked on the ARmy Rumour SErvice (an unofficial yet highly respected forces forum) it was robustly rejected.

“Trust me they are not a BNP Front”

“No I won’t trust you”

“So because someone USED to be a bnp member he isn’t allowed to set up a cause to help anyone (ex service personel)??”

“What if that homeless ex-service person happened to be black or muslim, would he be the best person to help?”


As was rightly pointed out there is another homeless charity dedicated to the forces, one not pimped out on every racist, white supremacist and violently anti Muslim website in the country and that’s Veterans Aid: http://www.veterans-aid.net/

But that would just be too honest and transparent a charity for the EDL Angels to pick, wouldn’t it. There’s always got to be an ‘angle’.

I really must get round to blogging the EDL Poppy fund rip off extravaganza and the Yellow Ribbon Foundation who offer ‘impartial’ advice to the forces community in between attending EDL violent demonstrations of religious hatred.

Darcy Jones.

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